Janelle's philosophy of health has grown with nature and nurture.

Her first awareness was that of her mum’s own journey trying multiple diets always trying to lose weight but reflecting back seemed to not understand the the whole picture and the missing link of a foundation. Janelle was then taken to a Naturopath for her problem skin during high school which involved the use of zinc cream, tablets, allergy tests, etc.  Janelle later went on to University to complete a Bachelor of Education and step into the field of primary school teaching.  It was during a stressful period of teaching that her childhood eczema flared up again and she explored further the amazing talents of a local Naturopath and Homeopath, to see it disappear.  Culminating Janelle's health experiences and her own personal health journey, saw the intrigue and drive to pursue further study within the health field with a large focus on self-care and the desire to simplify the formula for healthful living.  The seed had been planted.  

Janelle developed her practical philosophy for women’s health via travel and training.

Having spent many years immersing herself in different cultures; from living amongst Native Indian’s in Canada, to studying with Ayurvedic doctors in India, as well as observing traditional farming practices in Papua New Guinea and at high altitude in Nepal. Janelle has a worldly perspective and an understanding of universal health myths - knowing the simplest path to your best health. Her studies in particular led her to explore the role of the feminine and its natural rhythms, an area of work that continues to deeply impassion her.

Janelle compliments this experience with education.

Her studies saw her specialise in Naturopathy (Naturopath Adv.Dip), Nutritional Medicine (Nutritional Medicine Adv. Dip), Western Herbal Medicine (Western Herbal Medicine Adv. Dip) and Education (B.Ed). As a natural educator Janelle will empower you with the seeds of knowledge to know what is best for your body in your time; inspire you to grow your own food where possible, or source locally; enabling you to nourish your body with a diet full of nutritious plants and seeds.

And so became the simplicity of Janelle’s philosophy - the NURTURING 9:

  • HYDRATION - How hydrated are you?
  • SELF-LOVE - Are you thoughts in alignment with your healthy lifestyle?  Or are you your own worst enemy?
  • SLEEP - How beneficial is sleep for your health?  Do we really need to make it a priority?
  • SUNSHINE - How can this bright yellow ball heal and regulate our bodies?
  • MEDITATION - How do you control your mind?
  • MOVEMENT - Do you move your body in ways you love, daily?
  • CONSCIOUS EATING - Do you restrict yourself to labels - Paleo, Vegan, Raw, Pescitarian? Or, do you choose to listen to your body and know the source of your food?
  • CONSCIOUS LIVING - Do you vote with your dollar?  Can you eat your make-up?  Are you living a lifestyle full of toxins?
  • COMMUNITY - Do you feel supported through life?  Do you feel like you have a sense of belonging?  As women, we need to connect, talk, share, come together.

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Janelle is professional, easy to talk to and offers a personalised service. She is knowledgeable and dedicated to the health and wellbeing of her clients by following up on their progress. I know I will visit regularly.
— Rachel

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