A fantastic cook book!

Welcome to the new comers!  If you are one of my old followers from The Cairns Parenting Companion blog – Welcome!

I have decided to start my new blog with a fantastic resource of recipes by an AMAZING chef called Chef Cynthia Louise.

I came across this amazing chef a few years back in Western Australia at a Self Care Express workshop with Tyler Tolman.  Chef Cynthia is a fantastic whole food chef that focuses mainly on plant based foods.  Inside this recipe book there are an amazing selection of smoothies, salads, soups, pizzas, patties, goodie balls, raw desserts, dips, noodle dishes, fish, etc. 
I was also lucky enough to have a day with Chef Cynthia in Bali last September at the end of a 7 day juice fast.  She really knows how to create delicious, yet incredibly nutritious food for body.
If you are wanting to grab a copy of your own please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to sharing many more resources, recipes and information with you.

Have a fantastic weekend!  I’m going for a kayak down the Mulgrave River