Aphrodisiac blends

Valentine's Day is 3 days away! Whether or not you choose to celebrate it, it is nice to know what herbs and recipes can be used to not only enhance libido but also tone your menstrual cycle, improve fertility, calm your nervous system & more. But not only supportive for the female system. Perfect for males also!

Nicole from Heavenly Cacao and I teamed up to create something doubly delicious for you!

Below are 2 recipes for you to create & enjoy with 5 chosen aphrodisiac ingredients. Their benefits are outlined below:

BANANA - rich in vitamin B’s & potassium which are needed for sexual hormone production. These nutrients are also key to muscle strength.

CACAO - the natural properties stimulate the senses & heighten feelings of joy & pleasure. It’s contains the “love” chemical releasing dopamine.

VANILLA - soothes emotional tension & reduces anxiety & stress while stimulating sexual desire. It has a euphoric effect on the brain & central nervous system to combat sexual debilitation.  

BUTTERFLY PEA - a sexual enhancer which also supports fertility & correction menstrual disorders.

SCHIZANDRA - increases mens staying power & stimulates sensitivity in female genitalia.


Aphrodisiac Parfait

Chocolate Layer

170g frozen mango

1 fresh date

20g Heavenly Cacao cacao powder

¼ tsp vanilla paste, powder or extract

½ tsp Superfeast Schizandra berry powder

Butterfly pea layer

300g young coconut flesh

2 tsp Just Blends butterfly pea flower powder

Pink Layer

3 frozen bananas

1tsp Just Blends freeze dried Pitaya powder


Blend and pour each layer into two glasses, starting with the chocolate layer.  Store the glasses in the freezer while making the next layer.

You will need to rinse your blender before starting each layer to ensure vibrant colours.

Top with coconut chips.


Sexy Time Chocolates


100g coconut paste

50g cacao butter

1/8 vanilla powder

3 tsp Just Blends freeze dried Pitaya powder

30g maple syrup


50g Heavenly Cacao basic dark chocolate or 70% raw cacao bar

40g cashew butter

35g maple syrup

¼ tsp Superfeast Schizandra berry powder

Pinch of Himalayan salt

Pinch of vanilla powder



1) Melt the coconut paste, cacao butter with the vanilla in a glass bowl over hot water, stirring frequently

2) Once melted, whisk in the Pitaya powder


1) In a glass bowl over warm water, melt and mix the cashew butter, maple syrup, salt and vanilla

2) While that’s happening, melt your chocolate in a glass bowl over water or make it.

3) Take 50g of the chocolate and gently mix it into the cashew mixture

4) Mix in the Schizandra powder

5) Put in chocolate moulds and place in the freezer until hard, approx. 1 hour.

6) Enrobe the chocolates in the coating and set in the fridge

7) Decorate if desired.


I would love to know what you think of both of them in the comments below?! :)

Janelle x