8 things I LOVE at the moment

1. This time of the year...

The anticipation and the excitement of Christmas is getting near.  Time in Sydney with my family is always fun.  We have such a fun crew with interests ranging from trampolining, quality food, ocean swimming, hiking, cannoying, camping, wine, riding bikes with my little cousins, dancing to animated kids film clips with my cousin Abbey & exploring new places both in and around Sydney.  Christmas is approaching and I leave this Thursday...that's right I can count on one hand!

I have a few new food haunts to check out with my cousin, some ocean swimming to do, some sipping of tea with aunties, uncles, etc and camping with my gorgeous Niece Willow who is 3 & I haven't seen her in a year!  I think she'll join the dance-offs with Abbey & I :)

My gorgeous niece Willow munching on strawberry rings last Christmas.  Perhaps you could try this with your kids this Christmas?

My gorgeous niece Willow munching on strawberry rings last Christmas.  Perhaps you could try this with your kids this Christmas?


2. Having an office to go to work at. 

The time has come where I needed to move my office and business out of my home.  And oh how good it feels to drive to work, focus and achieve and then drive home, flick the off switch and really focus on being present with cooking, connecting with others, swimming in the ocean, reading my book, staring at the sky, anything to create that bit of balance in my day/week.


3. The community around me

I feel so grateful for the women around me.  Those that brighten my day and lift me up.  People to share knowledge with, turn to for a boost or idea sharing.  Combining talents, picking mangoes, etc.  It's all so juicy and delicious.


4. Swimming in the ocean daily

Oh this is such bliss!  I just love floating and surrendering to the roll of the ocean.  Of late I try and go for a hike up Earl Hill first or a beach walk or run to the stinger nets and then jump in the ocean.  Laying on my back and surrendering to the roll of the ocean is something I have needed to do of late - surrender.  

My gorgeous daily swimming spot - Trinity Beach.

My gorgeous daily swimming spot - Trinity Beach.


5. Doterra essential oils

I am so pumped about these babies!  I just love how pure and nurturing these oils are both physically and emotionally.  I personally use them daily and love the community of women which is forming in Cairns.  These women are educating and empowering themselves to support both themselves and their family.  Whether that be online with the Life-force Collective or in person at different spots including a delightful mango farm at Yorkey's Knob.  It such a supportive group with a real softness and strength of community.  You can purchase your own oils at wholesale prices also!  Just contact me or go on to my shop.


6. Riding my bike (to Earl Hill)

There is a certain sense of freedom when I'm on my bike.  I love to ride and would like to ride more often.  It's simple, it's free and it's free-ing. 


7. Fish oils

These babies were discovered at a recent seminar.  The purity of them is out of this world!  I really scrutinize supplements and not many get through the gates, especially fish oils that are incredible questionable for purity.  These are high in omega 3s which reduce inflammation in the body bought on through stress, poor eating habits, dehydration, over work, etc.  I have been taking them myself for the last 3 weeks and love how I am feeling.  Fabulous if you are currently suffering with dry skin, sore joints, more memory, feel irritable or have been working your butt off to get to the end of the year!

They are a Practitioner Only product hence why I they are not available on my online store.  I will need to prescribe them to you so give me a call for a quick free chat or pop in to 218 McLeod St, for a consultation if you feel you want to discuss more. 


8. The opportunity & buzz I get from running workshops & the scope of what is in store for 2016!

I feel so excited for what lay ahead for 2016.  After delivering my most recent workshop on self-care I feel excited at what potential lay ahead for next year!  The products I have found over the last 9 years through both research and personal experience of trying them myself are now what I feel to be the best!  I really enjoy sharing all aspects of self-care and know that the Seeds Of Health community is building with the right tools to equip you on your very own HOLISTIC, SELF-CARE REVOLUTION!  

Cheers to the end of 2015 and a very restful and Merry Christmas to you.  Thank you for being a part of this growing community.  I really appreciate you being here.  See you in 2016! xxx

Zane water filter, Doterra essential oils and roller bottles, organic tea for healing, FMTV health memberships, Norwex eco cleaning products are all apart of the tools which equip you for self healing.

Zane water filter, Doterra essential oils and roller bottles, organic tea for healing, FMTV health memberships, Norwex eco cleaning products are all apart of the tools which equip you for self healing.

Perhaps over Christmas lunch you could go around the table noting 3 things you are grateful for.  A lovely way to end the year.

What are you loving at the moment??  What are you grateful for?? I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below or on my Facebook or Instagram page.


The free vitamin

If you guessed SUNSHINE was the free vitamin…well done!  You are correct.  Sunshine is SO GOOD for our health and so easy to ‘take’ yet some of us don’t get a chance to enjoy it each day, because we work indoors and are simply “too busy”.

This needs to change.

SUNSHINE is one of those vitamins which is absolutely essential for good health.  In fact without a healthy amount of sunshine in your week your bones become brittle eventually leading to osteoporosis, your mood dips with the possibility of leading to depression and sadly cancer can even eventuate.  Sunshine helps the body maintain health by boosting your immune system (converting cholesterol to vitamin D), which in turn prevents disease.  It also provides you with a flood of happy hormones which also strengthens your immune system.  A daily dose of sunshine assists in preventing diseases like osteoporosis, cancer, obesity, heart disease, depression and more!  Plus it is free!

Various ways that you can include more sunshine in your day are:

  • Sun-gazing – this is not direct sunlight however it is very beneficial for various reasons such as regulating sleep patterns and hormones by activating you pineal gland (sun rise and sunset are effective for this).
  • Enjoy a morning cuppa in the sun – this is a great time to sit in the stillness and soak up some rays of sunshine
  • Eat your lunch outside – take a break from technology
  • Get to the beach on the weekend, go for a bush walk outside
  • Enjoy a picnic on the grass with some friends in the sun
  • Read a book on the grass in your bikini (we are so lucky we can do this in Winter in North Queensland!)

You may be asking yourself, but what if my skin is sensitive and I burn easily?  Should I wear sunscreen?

No, is the short answer.  Sunscreen is laden with toxic ingredients that are absorbed by your skin.  Our skin, being our largest organ, absorbs everything we put on it – make up, moisturiser, perfume, sunscreen, etc.  Certain barrier creams like coconut oil provide SPF 10+ – a healthy alternative.  However, if you are out on the water all day & dealing with water reflection or perhaps you work outside every day, a brand of sunscreen I would recommend is Miessence Outdoor Balm SPF 15+, for those days or times you know you will be in direct sunlight for hours.   It is still healthy and advisable to wear a long sleeve cotton shirt and hat for example if you are working outdoors.

If you are not in this situation, of working outside all day as a landscaper for example, or spending a day on the water kayaking or fishing, then it is healthy to allow your body to receive full sun exposure for a period of 10-30mins every day in order to boost your immune system and prevent all kinds of diseases mentioned above, ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Our skin reacts and burns from the sun if our cells are not being fed living nutrition!  We ideally want to be feeding our bodies a predominately plant based diet (part of my philosophy at Seeds Of Health) packed full of living nutrition – fresh juices, smoothies, vegetables, fruit, salads, nuts, legumes, lentils, seeds, etc.  These foods contain so much vitality!

Despite knowing this you may still be asking but how much sun is too much?  I believe it is best to start off slowly.  However you choose to enjoy the sunshine, it is important to get a healthy dose of ideally 10-30mins each day.  Full body exposure where possible.

There is an interesting group called the Sunshine Vitamin Alliance (http://www.sunshinevitamin.org) – a group of physicians, individuals and organisations – that promote the benefits of natural vitamin D (sunshine) for our health, as opposed to vitamin D in supplement form.  It was interesting to read that they believe humans are spending less time in the sun, now than ever before, which in turn has lead to more than 1 billion people being vitamin D deficient – with various healthy issues resulting from this deficiency, as discussed above.

I encourage you to get out into the sun for 10minutes each day for the next week and notice how you feel.  Does your mood lift?  Do you find you have more energy, less sniffles and agitation, a healthier complexion?  Just notice.

I know the sunscreen and sun are hot topics so leave your thoughts below.  I would love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day x


Juice fast in Bali!

Hello healthy readers!

Well it’s been 2 weeks since I returned home from assisting to run the inspiring and fabulous juice fast in Bali, with the amazing Don and Tyler Tolman.

I feel motivated, clean and more than happy knowing that I have added to my fasting experiences and topped up my knowledge, expanded my consciousness, as well as making some beautiful connections with mostly Aussies that I will continue to cherish.

There were 28 ‘fasters’ in Bali that successfully completed a 7 day juice fast.  Well done to them!  It was amazing to see them ride the highs and lows of cleansing their temple.   Each day we were all involved in morning rituals that allowed us to begin the day in the best way possible.


Our morning rituals consisted of waking between 5am and 6am (on alternate days) joining together at the main room to do a coconut oil pull (to assist in drawing toxins out), hydrate with 1L of water and then make our way to the beach which was about a 10 minute walk where we would ideally be greeted by a perfect sunrise.  In the pavilion by the beach we would either do a yoga session with a visiting teacher or the 5 Tibetan Rites followed by various resistance exercises with Tyler.  On non-yoga days we would follow our exercises with a walk/run on the sand and a swim in the ocean.  I had such a thrill one morning body surfing some waves all the way in to shore.  It’s been too long!

Following our morning beach session participants were given around 1 hour to do an enema if they wished, gwasha their bodies (a fabulous mixture to cleanse the body and prepare it to absorb the suns rays) and get in to the sun before our morning knowledge sessions focusing on one of the 7 principles of health.

We would start our morning knowledge sessions with an uplifting 5 minute dance session which would wake everyone up and inspire them to switch their brains on & get ready to learn!  This was definitely one of my favourite parts of the day!

If we were lucky enough we would get a ‘question and answer’ session with both Don and Tyler where we were allowed to leave any questions we liked in the question box & they would spend 15minutes answering as many as they could.  This really allowed the topics to expand!

In the afternoon we would head off on adventures ranging from white water rafting and massages in Ubud to whole food workshops with Chef Cynthia Louise!  This allowed us to observe ourselves putting the mornings session in to practice, in the real world.

loved hearing both Tyler and Don share their passion, giving us all a greater understanding about ancient practices and what choices we can make to better our health in this life time.

I am so excited to be able to hopefully run some of my own juice fasts in Cairns in 2014.  It would be so wonderful to bring a community together to fast and learn in order to raise our consciousness and better our health so each and every day can be better and better!

Finally, fasting gives our body a chance to cleanse and recharge while re-programming things at a cellular level.  I often visualise these little guys (our cells) hard at work.  It’s simply amazing what they can achieve and how this positively impacts our mind!

Please leave a comment below or contact me via my email (janellecarolyn@gmail.com), my Facebook page (Seeds Of Health) or phone (0438 733 103) to let me know if you are one of those KEEN juice fasters for 2014?!  If you have a group that would like to fast together, outside of Cairns, I would be happy to travel.

Signing off with a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and an excited feeling inside of what possibilities lay ahead for 2014!  


Hiking food for the trekkers amongst us…

Hello fellow hikers,

A friend and I recently completed a 4 day hike in Western Australia from Cape Leuwin to Gracetown – part of the Cape to Cape track, near Margaret River.  We needed to carry all our own water, food, clothes, tent, etc.  So therefore we had to be very conscious of weight.

I have done many multi day hikes over the years, with some of them being 13 days long, however my food choices have changed a lot since my first multi day hike back in 2006.  I really enjoy doing multi day hikes and each time I complete one I learn a little more.

This hike I decided to focus more on which whole foods I could take with me that were light, clean and nutrient dense.  Chia seeds became a major part of both breakfast and lunch, with the benefits of this seed outlined below.

These were my food choices on my most recent hike.  I had more than enough, however we did plan on a 5 day hike so I had extra tucker.

Breakfast – Home made muesli consisting of oats, rice bran, chia seeds, almonds, walnuts, coconut, goji berries, cacao nibs and chopped dried apricots (the brown ones without preservative 220 on them).  I had this soaked in either hot or cold water of a morning and a squeeze of honey could be added on top.  This was so incredibly filling it kept me going for hours as we hiked over sand, rocky cliffs, through forests and up hills.  I measured each daily amount out into zip lock bags to ensure I had enough for the week.

Lunch – Chia porridge consisting of chia seeds, coconut, pecans and chopped dates.  This is incredibly light prior to adding water so a fantastic hiking food.  This could be heated up with warm water when the weather is cold or otherwise cold water.  A squeeze of honey is optional.  I would like to add more flavour to this dish for my next hike (perhaps cacao and maca powder), however the energy gain from these little seeds is sensational!  

Dinner – I tend to favour dahl on long hikes as it’s highly nutritious and light and so tasty with the right mix of spices.  I choose to use red lentils as they cook quickly and also absorb the flavours of spices well.  A great accompaniment is quinoa as it cooks faster than brown or white rice, therefore saving on gas or wood, and is more nutritious with a better balance of protein to carbohydrates.  This ratio helps to repair muscles after hiking all day.  Recently on my hike I also discovered another dish that is a winner – butter bean and sweet potato curry served with cous cous.  The butter beans can be pre cooked and then dehydrated or otherwise a can of organic butter beans placed in a vaccum sealed bag and eaten on the first night is fine.  Onions, garlic and fresh ginger are a great base for both of these dishes.  It can be pre cut and dehydrated, however if room allows it’s great to be able to cut the onions, garlic and ginger fresh and cook them in some coconut oil and let the aroma spread through the camp as everyone’s appetite grows after a long day of hiking.  A spice mix that I enjoy using is turmeric, cumin, mustard seeds, sea salt (plus onion, garlic and ginger above) and I’m sure there are a few others, which I’ve forgotten.  Be creative!

Snacks – Bliss balls (containing chia seeds) are fantastic as they are light, full of flavour and nutrient dense.  I tend to put a lot of cacao powder in mine to ensure a good energy source and a high amount of antioxidants.  I ended up going to Paleo café with friends prior to flying to WA so I picked up a lemon myrtle raw food bar and lemon and macadamia slice.  I also carried some wheatgrass powder with me and some activated almonds and extra dried apricots.  This was more than enough.  The wheatgrass powder I feel is essential as it gives the body an alkaline source, as it’s hard to get greens when out on the track.  Dehydrated bananas were another delicious and energy rich snack.  Next time bananas are cheap buy a heap and dehydrate them if you can.  Then vacuum seal them and they’ll store really well for long periods, ready for your next hike.  

Despite the number of superfood choices I would like to highlight the benefits of chia for multi day hikes.  This seed has the ability to absorb 9-12 times its weight in water.  This means that chia increases hydration in the body, leading to less fatigue and muscle cramping.  Chia also decreases recovery time and fatigue due to its high amount of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.  Both of these reduce inflammation, which speeds up recovery.  Its high potassium and moisture retaining qualities helps protect against electrolyte loss which can lead to cramping.  The Tarahumara people of southwest Mexico would roast the seed and crush it before adding it to water to make a ‘sports gel’ which they would consume prior to long distance running.  Coates, W. (2012). Chia – The complete guide to the ultimate superfood.

I would love to hear your ideas or questions surrounding hiking foods.  It’s a fantastic idea to learn from each other.  Please share your comments below, email me or post a comment on my Facebook page – Seeds Of Health.

Happy hiking!


Feeling Grateful

Hi everyone,
I had the most amazing weekend last weekend.
I started my weekend off with a gorgeous early morning swim at Palm Cove with some friends.  I got there a little early and went for a walk along the beach and watched the sun rise.  As it was rising I did some Tibetian Rites (http://www.mkprojects.com/pf_TibetanRites.htm – this is just one site I have found, there are many) and then sat on the sand and took some deep breaths to enjoy where I was.  Post swim during our conversation a friend was wanting to find a new home for his herbs as he is moving into a unit so I was the lucky one who now has some gorgeous new herbs to take care of.

I was then planning on coming home and getting stuck into my list of things to do as I had a ‘free’ weekend and thought what a great opportunity to make some head way on my list of things to achieve.  It was such gorgeous weather though so I decided to abort that idea and lay in my hammock and decide what my weekend would look like.  This is a rare thing so to make sure I didn’t waste it it also became a Facebook free weekend.  This allowed me to simply enjoy where I was at the time and not flick through the feed at random moments when I waiting for something, as I sometimes tend to do.

I then decided my first stop would be the market!  To find myself a delicious coconut, to complement the gorgeous weather!  My 30th birthday is coming up soon so I then felt that some new birthday togs were in order, as I am heading away on a 5 day hike near the beach in WA (I have a secret fettish for swimmers).  So off I trotted to explore my options….I came away with some that I love!  The rest of my weekend involved some beautiful walks in nature, hanging out with my partner, some therapeutic cleaning, chats with old friends that were enjoyed in the afternoon sun and not pushed for time and a fantastic sunset on Sunday evening shared with friends.

I went to a talk by Dr Peter Dingle a couple of months ago and following his talk decided to buy one of his books called The Gratitude Guide.  While I was away in Thailand doing my pranayama course I was noting down what I was grateful for at the end of each day.  It was an excellent exercise to ensure that was spending the majority of my thoughts on all the good that is in my life.  The more we focus on what we are grateful for the more we connect those neural pathways in our brain – enhancing the positive in our lives and bringing in more positive!  Try it.  Get yourself a gratitude diary and each night just before you go to sleep spend 5 minutes writing down all that you are grateful for, or at least 3 things.

I have a lot to be grateful for at the moment and am really excited about the next 3 weeks and beyond.

  • I am leaving tonight on a plane to Western Australia where I will be seeing my brother and little niece whom I haven’t seen for 8months – my niece is the sweetest little person ever!  Come Monday morning I am going to begin my 5 day hike along the Margaret River coastline – the Cape to Cape walk.  I just loving getting out in to the wilderness and enjoying a life of simplicity.
  • All of my family are coming to visit when I return and we are going to hire a house up north and spend a week hanging out.  My dad was 60 last year and we didn’t really get to celebrate it and I’m 30 this year so it’s a excuse to enjoy being together and build sandcastles with my little niece on the beach.
  • I have just finished up working for someone else as a Naturopath so this will give me more time to focus on my own business.  An exciting leap of faith!  I can’t wait to have time to put my ideas in to action!
  • I received some raw chocolate blocks/base ingredients to create raw chocolate, from a friends company in the USA (http://yourdecadentwellness.com/chocolate/) which I simply can’t wait to make!

I best be off and hop on my plane!!  Have a beautiful weekend and remember to focus on what you are grateful for each evening.

Check out this short TedTalk for some extra info on mindfulness and meditation and how it can create more happiness in your world (http://www.ted.com/talks/andy_puddicombe_all_it_takes_is_10_mindful_minutes.html)