What water?

What you may not know about tap water is that it has chlorine in it BUT more importantly, chlorine kills your gut flora! When things diminish your gut flora, they also directly impacts your immune system. This in turn affects your mood, your bowel habits and your energy levels to name just a few. So! With that in mind, you now prefer to be drinking filtered water?

Zazen is a brand of water filter that I adore and here are my reasons why. I personally own this filter and love it as there are 10 steps to the filtration process.  Not to mention the flavour of the water tastes delicious! I have had plenty of clients come to me saying how much they love the flavour of this pure water once they take the step to owning one.

Zazen water filter

Zazen water filter

Zazen water is alkaline water emulated by Mother Nature.

The emphasis with these amazing water filters is that not only do they produce clean drinking water, but they also ALKALISE the water.  We live in a very acidic world where our daily choices and our stress levels can create more acidity in our bodies.  So, to be drinking alkaline water every day is going to continue to provide optimal health for our bodies!  A chance to heal, repair and thrive!

The 10 stages of filtration that a Zazen water filter provide are:

1. Ceramic Filter - removes rust, sediments, organic matter and stops bacteria, cysts, parasites and hazardous micro-organisms.  

2. Silver activated carbon - Inhibits bacterial over growth in filter, reduces chloride, herbicides and pesticides, industrial poisons, THM's, organic chemicals and odours. Silver is not released into the water.

3. Fluoride reduction - Effective filtration of up to 90% of fluoride.

4. Activated zeolite - Inhibits bacteria and traps heavy metals such as lead, aluminium, nickel, cadmium and mercury. Removes detergents, ammonium, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.

5/6/7. Bioceramic Pi, FIR Energy Balls & Silica Sand - provides additional filtration to balance pH and neutralise acidic components of tap water. Infuses natural silica renowned for strengthening collagen for radiant hair and nails.

8. Natural Mineral Stones - Contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, silicon and other trace minerals which also assists to balance your internal pH. These stones are mined from 300meters below the Earth's surface without damage to the environment.

9. Silver Stones - A natural anti-bacterial agent to keep the lower tank clean and maintenance free

10. Magnetic Energy 1200 Gauss Tap - Restructures the water by surrounding it water with magnetic energy, just as spring water is exposed to the Earth's magnetic energy.

If you are interested in purchasing one please email or phone me and I can have it delivered to your door!  I love how simple the set up is with this company. Plus, it all happens within a week.


Zazen water filters are a gravity fed design which emulate mother nature's filtration process.  The benefits of this system include:

  • Alkalises – pH around 7.4 (can increase up to 8.5 pH using our Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer), depending on your source water - this is IDEAL as this will assist in combating stress
  • Reduces Fluoride – Up to 90%
  • BPA & Phthalate Free with Glass Bottom Tank option
  • Tastes Delicious – everyone loves it, especially kids!
  • Exceptional Quality – filters harmful THMs, poisonous heavy metals and other bacteria down to 0.2 micron
  • Hydrates – immediately at a cellular level
  • Nourishes – with a balanced range of essential minerals & electrolytes
  • Cleanses – enabling cells to release toxic waste

Phone or email me (scroll to the bottom) to order yours today!  Free postage and delivery to your door within 3-5 working days. Could it be any easier?  This amazing company also provides fabulous shower filters so that you are not breathing in chlorine while showering daily.

Your gut, hormones and brain will thank you for the endless benefits this quality water provides to your body.  

Janelle x

How to prep your body for babies

Hi ladies,

The time prior to conception fascinates me!  It can be a challenging time.  A time of apprehension, particularly for those with a perfectionist streak!  (My hand is up!).  Am I doing everything I can?  Is this the right detox?  Should I be...A, B or C?!! Arghhh!

I want to take the pressure off and give you one easy thing you can start doing. One thing that will ADD nourishment to your body, tone your organs, nourish your stressed out nervous system, clear your skin up, support your liver and more. One thing I strongly believe in is ADDing goodness in, not taking away. By adding nutrition and nourishment we end up crowding out those things that don't serve our body.  

Herbs are one way of adding nourishment to our bodies and by placing them in food (hot drinks, smoothies, dinner, sprinkled on breakfast), we are also adding nutrition at the same time. It is as easy way to tone, detox, cleanse and support out body. Powdered herbs are a great way of adding some supportive herbs in.  By keeping your body toned and your organs in tip top shape our body is easily able to stay on top of the day to day stressors, without getting too far behind, then feeling like "oh my gosh I think I need to go on a one week retreat in Thailand to give back to my body!".  Don't get me wrong, sometimes these tunes up are needed - but we can save those for another discussion.

I have found just the perfect herbal company to allow us both to do this! One that I wholly trust and love their range *Superfeast*. I have been testing these for you everyday for the last 6 months. I am loving them.

Some herbs that I use daily are: Reishi, He She Wu, Chaga, Beauty Blend, Mason's Mushrooms & I'm yet to crack open the Lion's Mane. I generally pick 2 from my selection. This morning I added Reishi & Mason's Mushrooms to my plunger coffee. Yesterday I added the same to my smoothie as that is what I'm loving at the moment! Here is a run down of what these beautiful herbs can do for your body:

Reishi: Such a beautiful herb. Reishi brings peace to the body, mind and spirit. It is known as the herb of immortality...perfect for longevity. It improves liver detox, better immune function and mental clarity. By adding it to your food you are allowing your body to receive more. It is an adaptogenic herb that allows your body to adapt to changes and support the side effects of stress (depressed immune system, fatigue, hormone imbalances, sleep issues and digestive issues to name a handful). Sleep quality is of high importance when preparing to create a baby - it is the time when our body regenerates and recalibrates. Hormonally, this amazing herb helps to convert excess testosterone (which is a problem in conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

He She Wu: This guy is perfect for supporting your adrenals. It is a tonic herb, meaning it tones organs in the body and therefore has life extending capacity. If you are a coffee drinker at the moment, consider adding a teaspoon to your coffee, so that you are not draining your adrenals while enjoying your coffee. By adding herbs your coffee becomes an elixir. Who wants to wake up and brew an elixir each morning?! ...ME! If you wake tired, you may also decide to better yet, ditch the coffee and brew a He She Wu cuppa with hot water and honey.

Chaga: Such a powerful antioxidant! Chaga is grown on Birch trees. It is also an adaptogenic herb and assists the body's natural capacity to resist stress. Wow! Who doesn't want that?! We've all got a lot or a little stress in our lives, right? It's damaging. So use this support tool! Chaga is also great for combating viruses and free radicals (damaging our cells and DNA). You may choose to simply add 1 tsp to water, steep for 5mins, then add some honey and enjoy. I love to add a dash of CocoQuench to mine :)

Beauty Blend: This baby is a detox blend. When we support our liver and detoxification organs we improve our skin. From the inside out. With a host of antioxidants, minerals and vitamin C this combination contains goji berry, longan berry, schizandra and micro-ground pearl powder. Wow! Beautiful alright. Your cells, organs, skin and liver will all be saying THANK YOU.

Mason's Mushrooms: This is a specialty blend of mushrooms made by the owner of Superfeast, Mason Taylor. These mushrooms boost your immune system, balance your hormone, strengthen your body to stress, while nourishing your nervous system. The blend contains: Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Agaricus Blazei, Poria and Cordyceps. I have found this mix beautiful to add to my 100% banana ice cream with beetroot powder. What a pimped up powerhouse snack it is! Any herb that helps balance your hormones (generally through liver support) is wanted, as it makes it easier to track your cycle and know when you are ovulating for conception. 

Mason's Mushroom Ice cream... Mmmmm

Mason's Mushroom Ice cream... Mmmmm

Lion's Mane: This is our brain support herb!  It is also a tonic herb and nourishes your nervous system. Perfect if you are one of those anxious types. The effect on the brain from this herb, helps to repair and reverse any neurodegenerative disease.


1. You can place 1 tsp in a mug with boiling water, let it steep for 5mins, then add a dash of dairy-free mylk and a bit of honey. You may choose to mix 2 herbs together?!  Another elixir you may choose to create is a delicious hot cacao drink/hot chocolate or adding them to your coffee. Sometimes I also just let my brew steep and cool - drinking it cold or even iced. I loved the bitterness.

2. You can add 1tsp to your smoothie or home made 100% blended banana/berry/mango ice cream?!

3. There is nothing stopping you from sprinkling these on your chia pudding or quinoa porridge for breakfast or over your dinner of a night. 

One thing you can do to help me out is use this affiliate link when ordering your Superfeast herbs. In return I will continue to provide information about these herbs via my Facebook or Instagram pages with recipe ideas and creations.  I am also here to answer any of your questions regarding your health. Much gratitude. Happy herb shopping!  Let's get our bodies supported and in alignment for creating new life :) 

Janelle x


I have been going through a tough time of late and have been spat out the other end thanks to 2 helpful things: A focus on joy and an amazing practitioner supplement N-acetylcysteine which assisted in me turning a corner.  I've decided to be really honest and raw in this blog post as I feel someone will benefit.  What is there to hide?  I love when others are honest and real with me.  Also, I watched 2 TED talks on shame and vulnerability on Friday by Brene Brown, which I think just tipped me over the edge to share.   

You see I’ve had a mixed history with depression.  It began in high school and has reared it's head every now and then over the years. After losing my partner of ten years at the beginning of the year, my foundation was a little shaky.  I have really tried to soldier on this year, but it's been tough.  I've been holding my head up and really trying to find my new groove, but every now and then (like last weekend) things just reached a point of overwhelm and I caved.  I had a number of signals leading up to the weekend, which I was trying to work around.  Finally I felt myself slipping - I know my signs and signals, so I thought, hang on, WHERE IS THE JOY IN WHAT I AM DOING & CREATING?  WHAT DO I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE?

Last Saturday I had a very real and honest chat with my cousin. Speaking these challenges aloud led to a few decisions, which took the pressure off - the pressure, I had placed on myself.  Can you relate?

Contemplating the possibilities...

Contemplating the possibilities...

This conversation led me to challenge my thoughts on my 9-day Renew You Retreat, quit Facebook (my personal account) and focus on what brings me joy.  What would you choose away from the ‘shoulds’?  I feel I have been running at full speed trying to catch up, while organising the retreat, seeing clients, while trying to catch up on my blogs, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram - all that, while still continuing relief teaching. I found myself drowning in my thoughts and looking for a way out.  

I set an intention last full moon, at a women's circle gathering.  It was to trust in the flow and be kind to myself.  So with all that was happening in my mind and the feeling of 'slipping'...I gave myself the permission to allow myself to not go ahead with my 9-day Renew You Retreat.  This decision has not been made in haste.

However, making a choice, this choice, and not simply soldering on, allowed me to wake up the following morning and feel WHOLE again.  To feel like life doesn't need to be stressful.  To know that my choices create flow, ease and joy in my world.  To know that I wouldn't be chasing my tail for the next 4 months, while holding my breath.  I am grateful for that.  I have felt things were moving at a pace I wasn't comfortable with and I chose to honour that by stopping the retreat knowing I wasn't giving the very best of me.  

To utilise all that I have worked so hard to create with my retreat I have been mapping out how I can share it in smaller snippets so that it is more accessible for you in the community and others outside the community.  I know that 9 days is a long time to step away for and possibly not achievable for everyone.  Please note though that it was designed for a very specific reason - to allow you the space and support, away from your everyday life, to educate yourself on the big picture so you feel empowered to implement new practices with understanding, in order to develop new habits to support you on your journey to abundant health.  

I am continuing to connect with all of the amazing individuals around me, to collaborate with for mini workshops, events and shorter retreats.  I endeavour to bring each other together, create joy, share knowledge and strengthen our community of women.  

So as you may have noted, I got overwhelmed, chose self-care and realised I needed to refocus - please support me in doing so by being as real, honest and vulnerable with me in telling me what I can do for you.

My burning question that I have for you is what do you love about Seeds Of Health?  I want to know what you value most.

  • Do you value the Naturopath consultations and iridology?

  • Would you like more recipes on the blog?

  • Would you like more newsletters and sharing on the blog - What topics are hot?

  • Do you value me sharing on Facebook and Instagram? Why?

  • Would you appreciate more resources to assist you on your journey? What kind?

  • I'm keen to share more videos on my YouTube channel (Janelle Twine) and my eBook isn't far away!

So, I'm so eager to hear from you in this Seeds Of Health community.  How can I support you more?

My intention in this community is to bring women together to empower and strengthen each other both with self-care principles and human connection.  I look forward to hearing from you, what you value most about what I offer and Seeds Of Health and in turn how I can support you more.

Janelle x

Breathe for lymphatic flow...+free video!

I would like to welcome Pettina to the Seeds Of Health space.  She is currently completing her Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine - the same qualification I began on my travels around Australia back in 2007.  Together we are going to be discussing all things health and myself imparting what I know with her to enhance her knowledge and only add to what she is already learning on her health journey.  She will be assisting with aspects of the clinic and getting some packages together and learning the ins and outs of what happens both in and outside consultations - ordering, blogging, documenting, consultations, marketing, social media, accounting, etc.  What hat doesn't a small business owner and entrepreneur wear? :)

Please understand that although Pettina is going to be sitting in on as many consultations as possible it is always completely your choice, as the client, as to whether you choose to allow her to sit in or not.  There is no pressure.

So here she is...I have to say a big thank you to Janelle first and foremost, I am so excited to have been taken under her wing in the chance to expand my knowledge in the health and wellbeing industry. I am in the exciting position of beginning my clinical hours with Janelle as a student Naturopath and to give you a bit of an idea, let me share a bit of background on me.

Pettina - Student Naturopath

Pettina - Student Naturopath

As so many Naturopath’s seem to find their interest in this industry, mine was piqued from illnesses in childhood, where I was forever going from doctor to doctor being treated for asthma.  It was again in my early 20s after having lost my mother to cancer after a 6 month battle when I was 17, followed by a stressful relationship, that I again found doctors lacking in being able to treat my symptoms, let alone get to the cause… I just wasn’t getting better.  With a sharp and open mind, I decided to take matters into my own hands, (with the help of some amazing Naturopaths of course) and my passion for health and wellbeing grew from there.  Now fast forward, I have almost completed a triple advanced diploma in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition and married into a family of coffee farmers, finding myself surrounded by 85,000 coffee trees in Mareeba.  

I cannot overstate the power of Nutrition in helping me find my path to greater health and happiness. Having said that I also love all natural modalities, from the body work of massage, bowen therapy, reflexology, cranial sacral to energetic medicine of homeopathy, theta healing, flower remedies, and every modality in between.  I look forward to having the opportunity of sharing with everyone my experiences as Janelle’s protégé.  I am finding myself connecting again with Doterra essential oils as well, my first experience with them was when I was managing a day spa on the Gold Coast, and had a Doterra rep offer me an Aroma Touch experience.  Afterwards I then knew for certain essential oils had a powerful presence in natural healing.

Janelle’s Nurturing 9 is powerful yet simplistic, inspiring healthy habits into our daily life.  This week’s focus is on the breath.  Lets all take a solid deep breath, appreciate the oxygen you’re breathing in for your organs and cells to utilise, feel the immediate de-stressing capacity it provides, purifying any toxic energy and filling us with simple life force.  Yogis incorporate pranayama into their classes, teaching the power of breath control, uniting them with the flow of poses and movement.  This practice helps us to switch on our parasympathetic nervous system, (the relax and digest system), altering the state of our nervous system.  I know I, all too often, get caught up in my determination to achieve my set tasks for the day - make my little girls lunch, put the washing on, phone the insurance company, go to work (another set of tasks), plan and cook dinner, do the shopping, fold the washing, play with my daughter, etc, that before I know it, the day is finished and my nervous system has been on high alert all day.  Slow, deep, rhythmic breathing allows us to be in the present moment, helps us to let go of overwhelming situations, and appreciate the little things in life.   Best of all they can be done any time of the day, anywhere!

Deep breathing can also help circulate our lymphatic fluid. This is important because unlike the cardiovascular system that has the heart as a pump to circulate blood, lymph relies on movement and breath to ensure our lymphatic fluid reaches our lymphatic organs for filtration.   Our lymphatic system is both our immune cells highway and sewage pipe.  Cells excrete unwanted toxic metabolic waste into our lymph fluid, along with dead cells and other cellular debris. Without effective movement, breathing and lymph circulation our other vital bodily functions would quickly shut down, due to trapped proteins and excess fluid.  Deep breathing, along with exercise, accelerates (up to 15 times) the normal rate in which our lymph can circulate and be filtered.   

A deep breath should be felt within the abdominal area.  Holding the breath for 4 counts, help oxygenate the blood, and then exhale twice as long as the inhale, to increase the elimination of toxins.  This cycle of deep breathing enhances the health of our blood and activates our lymphatic system.  So easy yet so effective, I love it!   Here is a video Janelle has made on another breathing technique which is equally simple - Alternate nostril breathing - Nadi Shodhan.  She will be posting more videos on YouTube so keep an eye out!

Pettina & Janelle x


How has your year started??

Mine began with quite a confronting situation which has settled in and begun to diffuse.  I feel I am beginning to digest that & enjoy a fresh start to the year.  

My word for the year is SIMPLIFY.  This feels so damn good!  I have been making an effort to cull for the last year.  But this January my culling efforts went to a whole new level - both in my clinic and also my home.  I have been picking up objects - be it clothes, books, articles, CDs, crockery, etc and noticing if it feels joyful to keep it.  It is such an easy process yet one that hasn't felt so easy in the past.  I have often kept things for logical reasons rather than whether they bring me joy.  My world feels so much lighter because of this practice.  A simple example is culling my CDs. That has been my latest project.  As I drive to work each day I put a new cd on and notice whether it lights me up or not.  I have a whole 2 large cd wallets of cds I've collected over time and ones friends have given me before going travelling, etc.  

I am starting to apply this to all areas of my life.  I am SIMPLIFYING my daily practices (cups of tea, mediation, whole foods, choosing less, enjoying more, reading, sitting with things more, shifting, feeling full with less).  Gosh its a gorgeous thing!  One that makes my world feel so full, yet I am doing less, have 'less' and am choosing less.  Does this feel like something which may benefit you?  What area of your life could you begin to simplify?

I am absolutely loving operating my clinic from town.  I drive to work, knuckle down, immerse myself in what I love and then drive home.  I try to leave work at work.  And so far the separation is fabulous!  Home life seems simpler.  I found last year I wasn't switching off from my business and having quality down time.  I am appreciating the amazing people I am working with and they are equally appreciating my contribution to the space.  Together we are better.

This year two of my larger goals are finishing my ebook and going ahead with my Renew You retreat in late September.  Both are EPIC!  There are only 8 spots left and there is a $500 discount until the end of February so please consider this chance for YOU!  Taking some time out to begin your very own HOLISTIC, SELF-CARE REVOLUTION.  Also note, that if you sign up with a friend you get a further $200 off!  You can choose to support and encourage each other. 

Keep your eyes out on my website over the coming week as there will be a few exciting changes!  As well, look out for my newsletter which will be arriving in your mailbox anytime soon (if you are on my mailing list) updating you on upcoming events and some tips on hydration - a KEY nurturing element at Seeds Of Health.

Let me know in the comments below, what is your word for the year?!  I'd love to know :)

Janelle x

8 things I LOVE at the moment

1. This time of the year...

The anticipation and the excitement of Christmas is getting near.  Time in Sydney with my family is always fun.  We have such a fun crew with interests ranging from trampolining, quality food, ocean swimming, hiking, cannoying, camping, wine, riding bikes with my little cousins, dancing to animated kids film clips with my cousin Abbey & exploring new places both in and around Sydney.  Christmas is approaching and I leave this Thursday...that's right I can count on one hand!

I have a few new food haunts to check out with my cousin, some ocean swimming to do, some sipping of tea with aunties, uncles, etc and camping with my gorgeous Niece Willow who is 3 & I haven't seen her in a year!  I think she'll join the dance-offs with Abbey & I :)

My gorgeous niece Willow munching on strawberry rings last Christmas.  Perhaps you could try this with your kids this Christmas?

My gorgeous niece Willow munching on strawberry rings last Christmas.  Perhaps you could try this with your kids this Christmas?


2. Having an office to go to work at. 

The time has come where I needed to move my office and business out of my home.  And oh how good it feels to drive to work, focus and achieve and then drive home, flick the off switch and really focus on being present with cooking, connecting with others, swimming in the ocean, reading my book, staring at the sky, anything to create that bit of balance in my day/week.


3. The community around me

I feel so grateful for the women around me.  Those that brighten my day and lift me up.  People to share knowledge with, turn to for a boost or idea sharing.  Combining talents, picking mangoes, etc.  It's all so juicy and delicious.


4. Swimming in the ocean daily

Oh this is such bliss!  I just love floating and surrendering to the roll of the ocean.  Of late I try and go for a hike up Earl Hill first or a beach walk or run to the stinger nets and then jump in the ocean.  Laying on my back and surrendering to the roll of the ocean is something I have needed to do of late - surrender.  

My gorgeous daily swimming spot - Trinity Beach.

My gorgeous daily swimming spot - Trinity Beach.


5. Doterra essential oils

I am so pumped about these babies!  I just love how pure and nurturing these oils are both physically and emotionally.  I personally use them daily and love the community of women which is forming in Cairns.  These women are educating and empowering themselves to support both themselves and their family.  Whether that be online with the Life-force Collective or in person at different spots including a delightful mango farm at Yorkey's Knob.  It such a supportive group with a real softness and strength of community.  You can purchase your own oils at wholesale prices also!  Just contact me or go on to my shop.


6. Riding my bike (to Earl Hill)

There is a certain sense of freedom when I'm on my bike.  I love to ride and would like to ride more often.  It's simple, it's free and it's free-ing. 


7. Fish oils

These babies were discovered at a recent seminar.  The purity of them is out of this world!  I really scrutinize supplements and not many get through the gates, especially fish oils that are incredible questionable for purity.  These are high in omega 3s which reduce inflammation in the body bought on through stress, poor eating habits, dehydration, over work, etc.  I have been taking them myself for the last 3 weeks and love how I am feeling.  Fabulous if you are currently suffering with dry skin, sore joints, more memory, feel irritable or have been working your butt off to get to the end of the year!

They are a Practitioner Only product hence why I they are not available on my online store.  I will need to prescribe them to you so give me a call for a quick free chat or pop in to 218 McLeod St, for a consultation if you feel you want to discuss more. 


8. The opportunity & buzz I get from running workshops & the scope of what is in store for 2016!

I feel so excited for what lay ahead for 2016.  After delivering my most recent workshop on self-care I feel excited at what potential lay ahead for next year!  The products I have found over the last 9 years through both research and personal experience of trying them myself are now what I feel to be the best!  I really enjoy sharing all aspects of self-care and know that the Seeds Of Health community is building with the right tools to equip you on your very own HOLISTIC, SELF-CARE REVOLUTION!  

Cheers to the end of 2015 and a very restful and Merry Christmas to you.  Thank you for being a part of this growing community.  I really appreciate you being here.  See you in 2016! xxx

Zane water filter, Doterra essential oils and roller bottles, organic tea for healing, FMTV health memberships, Norwex eco cleaning products are all apart of the tools which equip you for self healing.

Zane water filter, Doterra essential oils and roller bottles, organic tea for healing, FMTV health memberships, Norwex eco cleaning products are all apart of the tools which equip you for self healing.

Perhaps over Christmas lunch you could go around the table noting 3 things you are grateful for.  A lovely way to end the year.

What are you loving at the moment??  What are you grateful for?? I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below or on my Facebook or Instagram page.



Good evening readers 

Have you been stopped in your tracks recently and thought…where has the year gone?

Or perhaps where did last week go?

Where did today go?

I caught myself thinking this on Monday.  So much has happened this year and I can’t believe it is November already?!

Running my own business can mean that every week can look different and a routine is something that I’ve realised I love – I’m constantly aiming for a routine that works for me to ensure the weeks don’t pass me by.

Something that can easily slip from my routine is QUALITY breathing.  When we are busy it is easy to just keep DOING.  To not worry about our breath.  To not care about breathing – because our body can do it for us… but is it a quality breath?

Deep breaths and oxygenation are so important to enhance detoxification, keep our body energised, reduce inflammation and improve our mindset. Breathing is the pump for our lymphatic system – which cleans the garbage from our blood.

A breathing technique that I use at my Seeds Of Health Morning Activation Sessions is 7 rounds of 7. This alone is a fabulous tool for depression. By increasing the utilization of oxygen within our body we lower our blood pressure, reduce anxiety and panic attacks. Deep breaths allow oxygen to get to the blood and muscles therefore decreasing tension and inflammationThis in turn reduces pain and stress levels. In contrast short shallow breaths can have a negative impact on our mood and stress levels.

Belly breathing, deep breathing, uses oxygen efficiently.

Exercise is a great way of oxygenating every cell in our body and work the lymphatic system.  However, as a busy woman and someone who really respects Dr Libby Weaver’s work (Rushing Woman’s Syndrome) – please remember that fast exercise is not always the way to heal, regenerate and cleanse the body.  Sometimes those slower yet powerful forms of exercise like yoga can do more good for someone who is already anxious and tightly wound up.

Breathing stops disease of the mind. It can be as easy as slipping 10 deep belly breaths into your day. Or, you could try this easy and fabulous technique called 7 rounds of 7.

Breathe in for 7

Hold for 7

Breathe out for 7

Hold for 7

Repeat 7 times.

NB: The count of 7 needs to be even – 1 breathe per second. Observe the second hand on a clock while doing this to feel the rhythm.

In my clinic 7 rounds of 7 is a prescription for depression.  Whether or not you are struggling with depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, panic attacks, pain and inflammation in your body or a ‘monkey mind’ –  try doing 7 rounds of 7 twice each day for a week.  Notice how you feel and write your own experience below in the comments.

Begin to observe how you breathe. It all starts with awareness.

Additionally: To ensure you are breathing clean air in your office and home, you may consider investing in certain plants to improve the quality of your office air or air in the home. I have a Peace Lilly in my office to ensure my clinic air is being filtered.

Fans are also another fabulous way to electrify and ignite the air around you. Opening up the windows in your home for 10-20mins a day is another great way of energizing and cleansing your surrounding air.

Our inner talk

When I reflect on my actions throughout my health journey, I have and sometimes still do, set very high standards for myself.  If you are the same…be careful as this can set you up for failure, which I have kindly been reminded lately.

So today I want to give you the opportunity to find ways to keep you connected to your body and what feels right for YOU, so unrealistic standards aren’t set, then ‘failure’ and punishing self talk set in.  How do you ‘check in’ with yourself and nourish yourself along the way?  When we don’t ‘check in’ often enough we are potentially creating enormous stress in our bodies.  Here’s a great article from the Chopra Centre about what stress does to the body.  Stress causes a whole host of problems from lowering our immune system, disrupting our digestion, aggravating anxiety systems, depression, etc.


  • Do I really need to prove I’m super woman and finish A-Z today?
  • Do I have to say yes to every person that asks something of me, right now, this week?
  • Do I have to say yes to every person that wants to catch up this week?
  • Is it okay to simply read a book instead of hammering it out at the gym, because that is what my body is asking for?
  • Do I really need to be a size 8 for the wedding next month?  Or can I find a way to feed my body nourishing food and love myself the way that I am?
  • Is that slice of cheesecake really what my body wants right now, or am I just eating it to suppress emotions that I haven’t acknowledged?

Stress can also lead to weight gain.  Dr Libby Weaver speaks a lot about this in her ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’ research (check out her TED talk here) and Nat Kringos is another advocator of it.  Here is a great article by Nat relating to stress.

As for myself…it has been an interesting year – lots of lessons to be learnt from close relationships.  After working through a lot of different emotions along the way and learning a lot from the experience, I am reminded again, just recently to love myself more.  Because in the end the best relationship you need is the one with yourself.  Everything happening around you is simply a mirror reflection of what’s happening inside.

Despite hearing this many times over the years, I seem to have actually heard it for myself most recently.  I also hope that by sharing this it will remind and help others within my community.


Over the last year I have explored many things such as reading books on the subject of relationships, had a session with the fabulous Paula who is an intuitive guide – an amazing individual who provides another way of looking at your current situation (I have worked with her on juice fasts that I have helped run in Bali), spoken to friends, participated in my own full moon rituals to let go of things I no longer choose to hold on to, done a juice fast, water fast, whole food cleanses, relaxed with my standards, then tightened up again, and more (trust me the list is lengthy!), but it always comes back to the same thing for me.  My biggest lesson is to love myself more.  

There’s only one version of you, so why not make it the best version possible and love EVERY piece of yourself?!

When you get comfortable in your own skin and love your own body you begin to choose what’s best for you and listen to that little voice inside, that knows.  Trust me, it always knows.  Things are so much easier when we choose to listen.  One article on the topic of body image, that I read last year, still sticks in my mind.  I feel it’s appropriate to post it here as we all need to love ourselves more – our image of ourself can affect our children’s perception of themselves.  Body image is something we as women can get caught up with.

Our emotions and mental state play such an enormous role in our physical health and wellbeing.  When our mind is stressed, busy or not on our side, we can lean towards over eating, bingeing on things we know don’t serve us, not choosing to drink enough water each day and suppressing our emotions with coffee and wine instead, rather than nourishing whole foods that provide us with light, life and clarity.  

Tools that I find helpful to nourish my mind include:

  • Deepak Chopra’s meditation.  Check out his website.  The more meditation I do, regularly, the more I am enjoying it (It has been something I have dabbled in for over a decade).  I find not only the meditation calming but it often gives me a better perspective on my world and a healthy view.  Pure nourishment!  I’m a big fan of his.  Each Wednesday at our Morning Activation Sessions @ Yorkey’s Knob we listen to one of his meditations.  Nourishment for our minds.
  • Walking on the grass, swims in the ocean or fresh water creeks and laying in the sun in my togs grounds me and gets me out of my head.  Weeding the garden and picking produce from the garden also grounds me.
  • Realising and repeating to myself  “Everything is perfect & everything happens at the right time
  • Setting exercise dates with friends to get into nature, connect with those close to me & get me into my body.
  • Finding songs that makes me feel alive…DANCING!
  • Taking an epsom salt bath to promote relaxation through the absorption of magnesium and taking time out for myself.
  • I have also found great benefit in massage – the positive benefits of touch.  If not from your partner, then book in and treat yourself.  Give yourself permission to get one every fortnight or month if that feels right for you and your budget allows for it.  The healing benefits of touch are enormous – it nourishes our nervous system and can lessen symptoms of depression like fatigue & irritability.
  • Yoga also puts me back in my body.  I always feel fabulous after yoga – more in touch with myself.
  • Reading – be it websites, books, blogs, etc.  I’m currently reading “A Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson.  It seems to be providing a helpful and healthy perspective on things.
  • Laughter!   Why take life so seriously?

Now it’s your turn!  How do you nourish yourself when that negative self talk kicks in?  How do you connect with yourself?  What rituals do you enjoy for yourself?  Do you tend to set your standards too high, knowing that it may not be achievable?  Do you beat yourself up about it, or have you learnt to simply let go and try again tomorrow?  I’d love to hear what you do in the comments below!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some words from Deepak:

If you candidly accept how useless fear and worry have been in your life, you’ve taken the first and most important step. You’ve discovered that you are your own jailer, which puts in your hand the key to unlock the door to your cell and choose freedom.  Full article here.

Janelle’s journey

Good afternoon lovely readers,

This week is a little different. I thought I would tell you a little about my journey and what led me to creating Seeds Of Health. What my journey has been thus far and what my passion and aim is, within Seeds Of Health.

I think I’ve always had a seed inside me – of curiousity.

By the age of 14 I had done my first liver cleanse – following Sandra Cabot’s guidelines. I remember being in year 9 and wanted to tackle some skin concerns that I had so I decided, with my mum, that we would do a liver cleanse together. This type of investigation has led me to strong philosophy that I know I can trust to cleanse and clear my body. Things will continue to come up as life evolves, but these days I’m no longer worried and guessing. I know what tools to use. I have confidence and certainty. I want to educate and show others that they too can feel this sense of empowerment around their own body.

I encourage you to explore alternatives and always be open to try new things. You don’t know until you try and you don’t know where it will lead you on your journey.

I began my own health journey and interest in health many years ago when I was having problems with my skin.  At first during my teenage years it was acne on my face but then in later years I had a significant encounter with eczema while travelling around Australia. Both of these ‘issues’ provided fabulous platforms for exploration and learning around food as medicine, minerals, herbs and homeopathy. Well that’s what I chose to explore and felt drawn to.

Initially during the later years of high school I became interested in wholistic alternatives for my acne and tried things like zinc cream, eliminating dairy, another encounter with a naturopath and the idea of balancing hormones and skin concerns naturally, rather than choosing The Pill.

A Native Indian Reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada, was my first international stop which sparked something. Such an eye opening experience and in relation to where I am now, it gave me exposure to traditions, sweat lodges, cultural beliefs around elders, habits and food, as well as round dances, community, overseas travel and the beauty of honest friendships.

During my first year of University (studying a Bachelor of Learning Management in order to become a primary school teacher), I was given an amazing book by my cousin called Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish. It was powerful! I loved feeling that I could understand my body and know what was happening to it during my monthly cycle and in particular, knowing when I was ovulating. I now recommend this book to my clients because I feel it gives women a chance to feel in control of their body.

Fast forward a few years and I had explored a few more ‘healthy’ food ideas and trialed them for myself however still had this deep intrigue for what else plays a part in health and healing – the bigger picture of our body and illness. Along with this were a few trips to different countries like South Korea where my love of communal eating was sparked!

In 2007 I travelled around Australia in a van for 11months (which, by the way, was the best!) and suffered a serious case of eczema all over my body, which had been getting a little worse before leaving. This led me to dealing with a homeopath that my partner had used during his childhood. This suited the circumstance, as she was able to conduct consults via phone and post remedies to me while travelling. I also eliminated a lot of foods while on different remedies to enhance their potency and trial different options. A fabulous personal experience. During my travels around Australia I had time to contemplate what it was that I wanted to do instead of full time teaching, which I found stressful. My experience of full time teaching made me question where my passions lie. I kept being drawn back to health.

I have come so far since those days of liver cleansing, when I was 14 years old.   With this background and my love of food as medicine, the power of herbs, the power of nature and my belief in the importance of simple daily practices like drinking 1L water upon waking, getting into the sun, etc, to create health and healing, I decided to start my own business called Seeds Of Health.

To this day I believe, from my own experience, emotions play such an enormous role in the healing journey…it has been an interesting ride so far and one that I have learnt enormously from and still do everyday. I am learning to trust my ‘gut’ more and more and ensure I am surrounding myself with positive healthy relationships and balance – for me getting in to nature in really important.

What once began an awareness of nutrition soon spread to an awareness and desire to live more consciously. I began to question what alternatives could be used for everything including skin, laundry, cleaning, etc. I became aware of how I was voting with my dollar, every time I spent money. My Naturopathy studies opened my mind and also blew my mind at times. Our bodies are capable of SO MUCH given the RIGHT CONDITIONS.

Another important part of my journey was stumbling upon Don and Tyler Tolman at a free seminar in Brisbane. After interactions and encounters over a few years I attended a 7 day juice fast and everything that was presented to me felt right within my body. The simplicity and honesty of the foundation of health is something I wanted to incorporate more in to my practice as a Naturopath. The Naturopath industry as a whole felt like it was moving away from where health begins and more towards a topical ‘pill’ approach. I wanted to educate, empower, guide and lead by example to encourage others to try it for themselves and see how their body feels. From personal experience I know it works. From here I have grown year by year gaining more knowledge about how to live consciously – a very important part of my aim within Seeds Of Health.

I want individuals to feel they have a CHOICE and to know that they vote with their dollar every time they spend. Also, to consider the finer details like what they put ON their skin each day, along with what they put IN their bodies.   What choices and alternatives are available? That’s what my aim at Seeds Of Health is – education and awareness in order to live consciously.

When viewing my philosophy on my website you will notice that I have 3 important reasons while I chose the name Seeds Of Health (the name actually came to me relatively easily and effortlessly and for the following reasons it still rings true to me).

  1. Planting seeds of knowledge that blossom when the time is right – remembering everyone is on their own journey.
  2. Knowing where your food comes from and where possible planting seeds to grow your own. Herbs and rocket are a great place to start!
  3. Predominately or solely a living plant based diet. One that encourages individuals to crowd out the bad by simply increasing the good in their diet, making the transition enjoyable.

My continued aim with Seeds Of Health is to simplify health and live consciously – bringing awareness to our routines, lifestyle choices, food choices, emotions and how this impacts on our mind, body and spirit impacting our vitality. I enjoy bringing a community together like during my morning activation sessions to practice simple and powerful daily rituals in order to realize how easy it is to implement them into daily life – creating a ripple effect and an abundance of health.

I would love to hear your comments or questions below!  I love to stimulate discussion and let you have your voice heard.

Have a beautiful afternoon x