Chemical Free Beauty

One of the areas of health that I am crazy passionate about is chemical free beauty because not only do I believe beauty comes from the inside, I also feel women need more education and inspiration around what products to use & why.

The continual use of beauty products with chemicals or synthetic ingredients that our body doesn’t recognise, enter our bloodstream whether we want them to or not. Our skin is porous & absorbs EVERYTHING we put on it. These chemicals then interrupt our endocrine system. Our endocrine system produces hormones that regulate our metabolism, sleep, mood, sexual function, etc. So, if we are interrupting the intelligence of our body with chemicals we end up with more problems, yet potentially beautiful skin. Does this make any sense?! I don’t think it does. But we don’t know what we don’t know, right?

With the right education we can make the best choices for our body & mind.

My belief is that we need to first of all cleanse our body internally. Correct hydration is the first place to start. Then healing our gut & detoxing our liver - these steps all help to establish a healthy internal environment. Our bodies are so intelligent - we just need to support it by not loading it with foreign chemicals, foods & products that it then needs to process along with staying on top of all of the daily tasks. I can support you with internal cleanses - just reach out for support by shooting me a message.

A few suggestions for holistic beauty are:

  • Hydrate with clean water (Zazen water filters remove chlorine & alkalise the water so that you body can benefit from it)

  • Always read the labels & if you can’t understand the ingredients either grab the Chemical Maze app or book, or avoid the product! Ingredients straight from nature should be recognisable

  • Get to know brands that have good ethics at the top of their list! Some brands that I love are Against The Grain, Rohr Remedy, Weleda, Bush Flower Herbals, Evohe, Skin Juice…the list is quite long actually… but trial a brand that you feel good about & get to see how it behaves on your skin. Keep in mind though that by balancing & cleansing your internal environment you will gain the long term results!

  • Guasha is a magic skin scrub that I recommend to clients as a simply external scrub & cleanser to allow the body to continue flushing the toxins through the skin. A simple blend of vodka & aluminium bi-carb soda. Refer to my YouTube video for ease.

  • One of my upcoming fasting retreats next year is the perfect opportunity to really give your body & mind an opportunity to deeply cleanse. Shoot me a message if you are wanting to be the first to know! I have 2 scheduled - just confirming dates.

  • Essential oils deserve their own limelight so I’ll be covering these over the coming weeks…

  • I will be discussing chemical free make-up in a separate blog post. In the mean time Depths Of Beauty is a fabulous resource!

Janelle x