Did you say to put oil in my mouth?

Good afternoon readers!

What a sunny Thursday it is here in Cairns.  This weather is gorgeous!

I want to take some time to explain what oil pulling is and its benefits, as I have written posts on my Seeds Of Health Facebook page and commented on it in previous blog posts.  But, I realise that it is not common knowledge to some people and perhaps even a little weird?!  Fair enough too.  But don’t judge anything until you try it, I believe.  I came across it 2 years ago and have enjoyed using the technique regularly since then, in my morning routine.

The idea behind oil pulling is to draw toxins out of the body – therefore assisting with both acute and chronic health concerns.  The health of our mouth has a huge impact on the rest of the body.  Your mouth also provides an indication as to what is happening in your body – be it visible in the health of your gums, cavities in your teeth, scallops on the edge of your tongue, the colour of your tongue, bad breath, etc.  They all provide clues.

Oil pulling is a effective and economical way to target a whole host of these health concerns – all with a simple 5-20 swish of oil each morning.  “Your mouth harbours hundreds of species of bacteria, viruses and fungi…” (Fife, 2008).  With a simple cut from flossing your teeth or perhaps the occurrence of gingivitis, ulcers, etc. these bacteria, virus and fungi can enter the bloodstream – with the potential to create inflammation, havoc and disease in the body.  It is therefore important to not only boost your immune system but also keep your oral health in tip top condition.

Oil pulling has the ability to freshen your breath, create healthier gums, whiter teeth and protect against chronic health concerns such as arthritis, headaches, knee pain, constipation, eczema, PMS, you name it!  Due to its ability to target the whole body, by drawing toxins to the oil and out, once the oil is removed from the mouth (spat out).

It is interesting to note in Dr Fife’s book that Dr Weston A. Price in the early 1900’s knew the important link between oral health and other health concerns in the body.   The process of a root canal involves the decayed tooth having the soft centre drilled out, disinfected and the cavity filled with a hard rubber like material, before the tooth is sealed and capped.  However, the decayed matter is not always 100% removed and this is where problems can arise, as the tooth seems to always remain infected.  He notes that once root canal teeth are removed other health concerns like chronic arthritis also clear up due to the infection not invading the bloodstream, continuously.  Fascinating!

So…I recommend that you give it a go!  Another challenge for you   I love to give you homework and things to work on…that improve your health!

Upon waking, before hydrating with 1L of water, take 1tsp-1tbsp of coconut oil or sesame oil and swish it around in your mouth for 5-20minutes.  The coconut oil will turn white.  Do not swallow the oil, simply spit it out in to the garden and use the remaining bit of oil on your lips to moisturise your lips.  You can choose to do a number of things during this time, read a book, meditate, do a breathing exercise, listen to your favourite music and dance, go for a walk, hang out the washing, etc, unless you are happy to sit in stillness and wake up slowly watching the trees blow in breeze   All of these choices are perfect.

I recently learnt at a yoga class that coconut oil can be cooling to the body, so if you are a Vata constitution or simply feel the cold I would recommend sesame oil.  I have not managed to purchase any yet from the health food store, but it is on my list for this afternoon.  I am not sure how the sesame oil changes after oil pulling but I am wanting to give it a go!  I will report back in the comments.

Oil Pulling Therapy by Bruce Fife is such an interesting read!  I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to know more!  I am happy to lend my copy out for short periods, otherwise grab your own.  Empower yourself with knowledge.

It is a fabulous idea to incorporate this practice into your morning routine and note how you feel each day in your journal.  Do it consistently for 2 weeks and note how your gums become healthier, your teeth whiten, your breath becomes fresher and both acute and chronic illness begin to clear up as the toxins are pulled from the body.

Happy swishing!  Add your comments below if you have tried it in the past, currently incorporate it in to your routine or just want to give it a go?  I can’t wait to hear your results.