Fertility...by Pettina

Hello 2017!  Fertility Resolutions.

Who else is excited for what 2017 will bring us?  What’s your New Year’s resolution? 

If having a baby is featured on your plans for 2017, I’d like to share some tips and advice with you.  Whether you’ve only just started trying or whether you’ve been trying for some time, there is sure to be something for everybody.  

First advice is to let go of any expectations. 

Planning before conception is unnecessary, there can be a tendency to want to control and plan all the details, like what month you’d like your child to be born in, or when you’ll start to buy their first essential baby equipment, these thought processes has your logical brain (the left hemisphere) kicking in and taking over, when really the subtler instinct of the right brain is required.  Stay positive but detached from any outcomes.   It can be fun to use visualisation techniques during your fertile period, imagining seeing the little sperm joining with your egg, travelling along the fallopian tubes and finding a cushy home to implant in the uterus are great, but just know that it will happen when the time is right. 

Second advice is to be healthy.  Rather than focusing on how you can have a baby, focus on how you can be as fit and healthy as you possibly can.  Look after yourself, enjoy nutritious wholesome foods, and above all relax.  

Let’s not forget sex.  It’s pretty important when it comes to conceiving and I know that’s a fairly obvious statement.   But just like my first advice of relaxing and enjoying yourself, sex doesn’t need to become a chore.  There’s a tendency to feel pressured around the time you should be ovulating to have sex as often as possible.  Rather than having sex every day over 4-5 days, then no sex or irregular sex during your infertile period.  It is helpful to continue to listen to your own bodily desires.  Having regular sex helps improve sperm quality,  and a good rule of thumb in conceiving is having sex every 3 days throughout your entire cycle.   Take the opportunity, as it certainly doesn’t hurt to plan an extra romantic evening around the day you’re likely to be ovulating.    

Supplements to support fertility

Preparing your body for pregnancy is important.  A great way to do that is to incorporate a 2 week detox cleanse two-three months before you start trying.  Ask Janelle how she can support you through this process.  Herbs are a great way to support the organs of elimination, ensuring your body gets a thorough flush.  The process should also include nutrients to support the liver, as it is a key organ in detoxification as well as hormonal balance. 

Other supplements to consider include a high quality pre-natal supplement that provide the key nutrients, iodine, selenium, zinc and inositol to support thyroid health a key player in optimal fertility.  It should also include activated B vitamins especially folate and B12.       

A healthy pregnancy and baby begins with the health of the ova and sperm.   The newly conceived embryo in the early stages relies on the health of the ova and sperm to ensure it divides properly, so that implantation and a healthy pregnancy can occur.   Supplementing with Coenzyme Q10, particularly its active form Ubiquinol, has shown in studies to both improve egg and sperm quality and increase fertilisation rates.  Coq10 mostly resides within the cell membranes of the mitochondria – the power house of the cell and is a powerful antioxidant.  Researchers believe supplementing with Coq10 helps restore energy to the cells, whilst also inhibiting DNA oxidation and protecting the genetic code.   

Herbal tinctures can also be created to support reproductive health, both as tonics for the reproductive organs and by providing the libido with a healthy boost.  Ask Janelle about her Aphrodisiac blend that can help support your fertility. 

Bush Flower Essence – Women’s Essence blend.  She Oak and Flannel Flower help with any subconscious blockages that can prevent conception. 

Essential Oils are also great to help with fertility.    doTERRA Balance Blend and Wild Orange in your diffuser to help with emotional balancing and help calmany anxieties and fears around your ability to conceive.   doTERRA’s Clary Calm is a great product to be applied daily to help support women’s monthly menstrual cycles.  It contains 11 essential oils to support women on their fertility journey, key essential oils includingClary sage and Geranium as  uterine and ovarian tonics, Fennel Seeds to help regulate hormones and lavender to help relax the uterus. 

Here’s to a babylicious 2017!