Festive Season treats & Chia seeds

As the festive season approaches you may over-indulge in sweets and richer foods.  The over indulgence is enjoyable at the time but often we have to deal with digestive discomfort long after.  Consider supporting your liver during the festive season by keeping a green smoothie in your eating plan leading up to Christmas and following.  You may also consider skipping a meal if you are not hungry, this allows energy to be directed to cleansing, instead of digesting.  When we overeat we put a tremendous strain on our liver.  This takes energy away from healing and repair as the organ of detoxification (the liver) is kept busy with digesting.  Reduced load on the liver provides greater energy in general = more vitality!  Who wouldn’t want that?!

Instead of the common trifle dessert that Grandma used to make, why not try something that is not only ‘blow your socks off’ delicious, but also HEALTHY!  There are so many choices such as this amazing raw Jaffa Cake my friend made for me the other night.  It is divine and made completely from whole foods!  I also have a fantastic recipe for a raw Chocolate, Chilli, Maca Pie that many friends seem to love!…if you don’t overdo it on the chilli.

Raw Jaffa Cake


1cup almonds

1/4 cup cacao powder

3 dates

Blend together and press into a cake tin (preferably a quick release tin)


Rind of 3 oranges

2/3cup orange juice

2 1/2cups cashews (soaked for 3hours)

2/3cup agave

3/4 cup coconut oil

Blend the filling and place on top of base and set in freezer/fridge.

Some base may be kept to sprinkle on top.

If you are someone who overeats often, consider adding some chia seeds into your diet.  1-3 tbsps each day added to smoothies, salads, muesli or porridge.  Chia seeds are known to help you feel fuller for longer, reduce blood pressure and reduce pain in the body.  They also stabilise blood sugar levels, help improve mood and improve memory.  Who wouldn’t want any?!  Chia seeds are a fantastic source of calcium, protein and fibre along with a great source of omega-3.  They are also gluten free for those of you with gluten free needs.  

Enjoy the festive season!