Gratitude breeds GRATITUDE

Hi healthy readers 

Do you practise gratitude?  If you do, how often do you do it?

With what has been going on in my life lately I have definitely needed to review where I am putting my focus.  I know that I have found great benefit in focusing on gratitude in the past and it came to my awareness yesterday morning during my morning hike up Glacier Rock that it was time to put some attention and energy in to it again, as my practice has slipped away.  It’s time to focus on gratitude again.  Would you like to join me?


Gratitude is something that breeds gratitude.  It gives us more energy, it allows us to feel more relaxed, it increases our self esteem, it improves our decision making, increases our productivity, we feel less envious of others, it helps us feel optimistic about the future & it also boots our immune system.  So…by constantly focusing on gratitude a few times a day, you increase your wellbeing. The interesting thing is by focusing on gratitude, it makes us feel more grateful.  It draws our attention to other things we can, or perhaps already are, grateful for.

My task for you is to grab a journal, book or notepad, and pop it beside your bed.  When you first wake in the morning I want you to write down 5 things that you are grateful for.  When you go to bed I want you to do the same.  Throughout the day you may find yourself focusing on what you are grateful for – what you wrote down in your journal this morning or last night.

NOTE: Cultivating gratitude is a skill…it takes practise.  I challenge you to do it for the next 14 days.   Morning and night.

Gratitude makes us nicer, more trusting, more social & more appreciative of everything in our surroundings. Keeping a gratitude journal can lower depression symptoms.  It is also known to support health concerns like high blood pressure.

If you want to improve your health – improve your mind.  

‘Bathe’ in the blessings surrounding you. You can do this by focusing on the little things or big things surrounding you.  I’m going to start, for you to then follow. I am most grateful for:

  • my beautiful friend who seems to have the right words to say when I call her,
  • crawling under my doona into a warm cosy bed each night

  • watching sunrise yesterday morning from the half way point of my bushwalk
  • the ability to dream
  • being able to sit in a warm epsom salt bath if I choose to while the rain falls on the roof 

So just before you go to bed at night ask yourself WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR IN MY LIFE?

Are you going to join me with 14 days of gratitude?  Do you want to feel more relaxed?  Have more energy?  Be more productive?  Feel more optimistic?  Boost your immune system?

I would love to hear in the comments below if you are going to join me, or if you perhaps already have a daily practise of gratitude?  What are you grateful for?  Tell me below, I would love to know!

I look forward to feeling the benefits and knowing you are joining me on the journey 

Have a beautiful afternoon x