Introducing Janelle Twine…

My name is Janelle Twine and I am a Naturopath with a passion and focus on nutrition and whole foods.  Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined foods.


I chose to become a Naturopath after teaching primary school children for a number of years where I began to realise that what the children were eating had a direct impact on their behaviour.   

I want to remind people about the importance of healthy eating.  The food we fuel our bodies with has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing.  You would not put dirty fuel in your car and expect it to run well would you?  The food we eat directly benefits or hinders our health and vitality, whether you are a child, teenager or adult.  

Unhealthy eating may generate immediate signs of illness or chronic illness may develop over time.  Mother Nature provided us with a beautiful selection of whole foods and herbs that can be medicinal if used in the right way.  

Equipped with adequate knowledge we are able to maintain a level of wellness, rather than constantly fight off disease.   With knowledge we can provide a solid healthy foundation for ourselves.  It’s empowering!  

Through this blog I hope to be able to provide you with health tips, information and recipes to assist you and your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

Feel free to contact me on 0438733103 or

Health and happiness.

Janelle Twine.