Put a cup up where?

So...I LOVE this product!  The JuJu cup. It's easy, convenient, durable, economical AND good for the environment.  


What is a JuJu Cup you ask?  They are a menstrual cup.  I've had a number of extra people purchasing these of late from my clinic, which makes me so damn happy.  I think they are one of the best inventions for women!  Theses cups save oodles of money with a one off purchase of $55.  My last cup lasted 8 years!  Think of all of the tampon purchases you would make in this time!  They are made of silicon so completely non irritating and safe.  They can take a little bit of time to get used to inserting and nailing the 'seal' however I always talk my clients through how to do this and ensure I am available for support if questions arise during the initial testing phase.  I honestly wish every woman on this planet had one!  

Here is a short little YouTube video that I made a while back about them...

There are 4 sizes as we are all unique!  Pre 30yrs old, post 30yrs old, high cervix and low cervix (or short vaginal canal). 

I'm a traveller at heart, an eco friendly seeker, a striving minimalist and a lover of working WITH nature.  I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel called "Travelling naturally with Nellie...", would you guys be keen on seeing more behind the scenes of how I like to weave health, adventure and travel together?  Let me know in the comments below if so... I'm keen to hear your thoughts...

Janelle/Nellie x