Hydration is No.1

Hydration is really underestimated.  Water is the second most important requirement to our body after air.

                                                                                             Spring water from nature.

                                                                                             Spring water from nature.

Over the last 2 years I have participated in 2 water fasts, after prepping myself with a juice fast, and from my experience it has been incredibly empowering to know that the human body has such a phenomenal ability to cleanse, repair and feel more than alive on nothing but fresh clean water, when given the right conditions.  I remember bounding with energy.

t is interesting to note that our body will always choose digestion over anything else.  Therefore, if we are always digesting (3 meals a day plus snacks) our body never gets the chance to heal & repair.  Hence why fasting is so beneficial.  Whether it be skipping a meal or fasting on juice, the body can direct it’s energy else where.

This is me breaking my 6 day juice fast followed by a 7 day water fast with a delicious organic hydrating watermelon. I was feeling so happy, full of energy and glowing from the inside.

This is me breaking my 6 day juice fast followed by a 7 day water fast with a delicious organic hydrating watermelon. I was feeling so happy, full of energy and glowing from the inside.

I regularly suggest to my clients to get up in the morning and hydrate with 1 litre of filtered water.  This flushes toxins from the body & also helps to regulate the systems of the body.  Try it for a week – every morning.  You will notice that you sleep better, heal better, feel more alert because toxins will flushed out of your body.  Adopting this simple and free technique is a no brainer really, you just need to establish the habit.

Most people suffering from chronic pain, fatigue and sickness would see an enormous decrease in their symptoms if they only rehydrated.  Start with 1 litre upon waking.  Then consume an extra 2 litres throughout the remainder of the day.  The general guide is 1 litre for every 22kg of body weight (eg.  If you weigh 66kg = 3L water).   The quality of water is also important so if you are currently drinking from the tap – consider a filter.  Start with something basic while you are doing your research or if you know of a spring near by, source your water straight from nature!  Perfect.

The result of dehydration can be seen as digestive difficulties, decreased or ineffective organ function, toxicity in the body and blood, muscle spasms, joint pain and water retention.  Without enough water in our system, we experience toxic levels of waste that is retained by our body and not properly removed or washed away.  This waste remains inside our body when there is a lack of water to expel it.  This toxicity from lack of water is what causes so much sickness, disease and poor immune function.  Funnily enough, despite knowing that water is so essential, most people are dehydrated and do not realise it.  It is all too common to see coffee, juice (not freshly squeezed), caffeinated teas, soft drink, alcohol, etc replacing a simple, cleansing and refreshing glass of filtered or spring water.  The simplicity is perfect, however if you need to spice it up with a little lemon, mint leaves, a sprig of rosemary, lime, green apple, orange slices, etc.  The choices are endless!

I challenge you to make it your mission for the next 7 days to get up of a morning & hydrate with 1 litre of water.  I do it every morning and feel not quite right if I don’t.  It may be challenging at first, but make it your aim!  It’s not hard once you establish the habit.  Your body will thank you for it!  I can promise you!

(As a side note, always ensure you over hydrate before hoping on a plane.  Plane travel is very dehydrating and taxing on the body.   I always ensure I consume an extra litre before I hop on the plane and as many litres as possible during the flight.  Yes, you may visit the toilet more than normal, but it’s great to stretch your legs – the best of both worlds).

Post your comments below on how you feel during the next 7 days while establishing your new hydration habit.  I would love to hear from you with any questions, comments and thoughts throughout the next 7 days.