3 mistakes professional women make that keep them feeling tired, discontent and chasing their tail

1. Forgetting to care for themselves

This is a big one to consider.  It seems to be easy for us as women to consider others first.  Life gets busy and we put everything bar ourselves first - the blog is more important, the shopping needs to be done, I need to get back to that person, I don't have time for meditation, etc.  BUT, by nourishing ourselves our tank is full to give to others. 

It is vital for us to make time to nourish ourselves - whether that be through movement and fresh air, taking time out to eat our wholesome lunch MINDFULLY without emails/phones/etc, or perhaps the practice of journaling for 10 minutes each morning.  However short or long, find something that suits your timetable and your needs.  What is your biggest need?  Is it time in nature, connecting with your partner, simply stopping and staring at the sky while enjoying a cup of tea, meditation, exercise, reading?  Make time for it.  It must be scheduled in and treated as a priority.

The element of self care and self love has been a very strong message for me this year.

The grounds of my 10 day silent retreat...space, fresh air, (snow!), gumtrees, birds & my own thoughts...

The grounds of my 10 day silent retreat...space, fresh air, (snow!), gumtrees, birds & my own thoughts...

2. Not listening to their own intuition

This is a big one for me.  I continue to flex my intuition muscle and strengthen it.  Trusting in the person that I am and the journey that I'm on, with my own internal compass as a guide. 

As you know my retreat was going to go ahead in October this year, however it didn't.  I could have beat myself up and dwell on it - but to be honest I thought oh well I'll try again next year.  Sure, there were feelings of disappointment and failure, but for the most part, I thought, let's choose another date.

It was during my Vipassana retreat that I realised it was perhaps all happening too soon.  However, with the wheels in motion I just went with it and thought - everything is planned, so if it's meant to be it will be.

It was just after my Vipassana retreat that I closed the chapter of working with my original business coach.  I felt we weren't in alignment as I had originally hoped and this message came through so strongly while I sat for 10 days in silence.  So, I closed that door and thought "I've totally got this".  I've learnt so much thus far and now I'd like to really test myself and trust that inner confidence.  It wasn't long before I stepped into the unknown that a gorgeous friend recommended I connect with an inspiring soul (which I did via Skype on my birthday) who may just be able to offer a little insight to keep the momentum going.  Well...what a fabulous choice it has been, to close one door and watch another so perfectly open.  I am so glad that I spoke up and honoured that inner voice and intuition.

The biggest lesson I have learnt (and felt) from this sequence of events in the lead up to my 9 day retreat (which I'm sure you can understand is no small undertaking) is to really explain what I am offering from a very honest and open place.  Why do I feel this retreat is so valuable?  What is it about the Seeds Of Health evolution that makes me believe in this retreat so much?  Have I let my community know that every piece of the puzzle has been carefully considered in order to offer individuals the perfect chance at optimal health and the beginning (or continuation) of a journey which will support your entire being?

Perhaps I should honour that voice in my head and take this extra time to reassess all aspects of my marketing for the retreat?  Is my message clear?  Do people really know what they are going to receive as part of this 9 day retreat? 


3. Not fully believing in themselves and showing who they really are

I simply love being me - when I allow myself to be me.  That feeling when I'm really owning who I am and speaking and acting from that place of truth.  When I'm making choices that show my whole self and my true self. 

Where do you not believe in yourself or show who you really are?

This year I have really learnt the beauty of being soft on myself and listening to my inner voice.  It is okay to say no.  It is okay to juggle a little less.  It is okay to create space and simply do nothing.  Vipassana gave me the beauty of sitting with things.

Why have I not given myself permission to constantly choose from a space of softness and a space of honouring my true self?  Why could I not choose to soften when the wheels were in motion?

I now feel I am working from more of a heart space than a head space.  All the planning is done and now it is up to me to share with you all the details and the reason why this 9 day retreat will change your life!  Having spent almost 9 months planning and designing it, it is time to share those juicy details with you.  I have my first FREE event on Saturday 5th December, 2pm, Cominos House, so please note it in your dairies! 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Janelle x

Food Matters Live Screening

Happy Wednesday readers 

I just wanted to make you aware of a fabulous FREE screening of numerous health and related documentaries available for the next 4 days.  You may have seen my post about it on Facebook 6 days ago.  It is apart of the Food Matters website.  Have you seen the Food Matters documentary?


This documentary alone is such a helpful place to start – a tool to help plant the right seeds.  It is a documentary that the owners of Food Matters first pulled together.  It was such a success that a whole movement has followed.  The documentary gives you a really fabulous understanding of how food DOES matter “You are what you eat”.  How it impacts our health and how we can be CONSCIOUS of our choices, with lots of interviews by leading experts in the field.  I also find it provides a great way to ‘teach’ others and give them a sound understanding without having to give them a lecture they may not want to hear – give them a copy of the film or notify them of this FREE offer.  I often lend out my copy to clients to watch if you are not able to buy a copy.  I currently have a Hungry Food Change DVD to give away also…let me have a think about that give away!  I’ll notify you on Facebook – so come on over and join the Seeds Of Health community!

However, there is more to it than the next 4 days…you are able to subscribe to FMTV here (Food Matters TV) for $8/month or $80 for the year and have access to a whole scope of DVD’s (some you can’t find elsewhere), plus recipes and yoga and exercise videos to get you moving at home if you can’t make it to a class because of kids, or other reasons.  Online versions suit some people but not all I realise.  It’s often nice to buy the hard copy and get a bunch of family or like minded friends together, make some healthy snacks and make an evening of it with ‘juicy’ discussions to follow.  Check out the shop here or I can do a bulk order if you know of a group that would benefit.

The reason I’m letting you know about this fabulous resource is because I stumbled upon it when I was enjoying one of the free documentaries (that are only available till Nov 4th!).  I felt that I had to share!  The topics and documentaries shared and discussed come from all angles – so I feel you can, in time, make your own educated decision, along with guidance from qualified professionals like myself if you have questions arise and feel you need support.  You are also able to enjoy other short videos online, available for free all year round, including TED talks, humorous health snippets, videos on waste, the flu shot, additives, benefits of meditation, etc – all available here.

As I mentioned there is only 4 days left to enjoy Q&A sessions with the makers of the films and the films themselves for free here.  I have managed to watch a few over the weekend and of an evening – enjoying the reminders, stories, reflections, lessons and sharing with those around me.  I love the diversity of the films!   One that I missed and am eager to watch is called Love Bomb.  The link to the synopsis is here.  This quote will give you a taste –

“If we were all committed to loving, like radically committed to loving, the world would be completely different, the world would shift.” Kate Blackson

Watching these DVD’s will broaden your mind!  Share them with friends and family and friends of friends.  Pass the message on if you feel it’s worth sharing! …I do!  The choices are endless, the empowerment is rich and you certainly become more conscious of the choices you make (one of my major aims at Seeds Of Health)!

Keep in mind to make changes step by step, bit by bit – not all at once.  Develop a foundation to build on, which i can help you with.  I am here to guide you when you have questions surrounding the myths, tricks, contradictions, alternatives, etc.  Keep in mind I offer the following services:

  • Setting up a clean food plan for the fortnight;
  • Clean out your panty and fridge to start over with a clean slate – remember I offer Pantry Clean Outs – where I come to your home and discuss the contents of your kitchen and home (eg. laundry, bathroom, etc) and discuss what to keep and throw out and WHY.  Most importantly I discuss alternatives and what to replace with and how to store things, what to buy and cook as alternatives.  Read more here on my services page.
                                               Does your pantry look like this? Ingredients that you may not be aware of that are harming your health?

                                               Does your pantry look like this? Ingredients that you may not be aware of that are harming your health?


  • Have a follow up consultation (or refer a friend or family member for an initial consultation) with a clear intention about what you want to heal or improve (or both! :).  I can also help you to decipher what your intention needs to be;
  • Have a BARS session  to clear subconscious thoughts patterns that no longer serve you around food or everyday choices you are making in your home, work or lifestyle that are holding you back from achieving a healthy, well balanced lifestyle full of happiness and vitality!;
  • If you feel you know what the alternatives are but don’t know what to cook then call me and let’s organise a food workshop – either privately or with a group of friends.  A lot of the topics that I cover are listed on my website here 
  • Do you have a celebration coming up and want something delicious and fun to contribute to the party?!  Then research raw cakes and make one yourself for the first time or contact me and I can make you one for your celebration!;
  • Lastly, if you are familiar with the Food Matters crew and have watched some of their DVD’s over the years or have been to doing your own research and making changes to your home and diet, but still questioning why you are feeling low in energy, or can’t put a finger on something, perhaps we need to conduct a hair analysis test to clarify?  A hair analysis tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, moulds, parasites, electro magnetic radiation (EMR) and heavy metal toxicity – a combination or only one may be affecting your health and slowing down your progress to wellness.  Let’s work together on this one.

I hope you enjoy the films and resources on the Food Matters website!  Remember that I am here to guide and help you on your journey to wellness.  I look forward to your comments regarding the films you’ve seen, enjoyed, felt challenged by, resources you loved, etc.  There is so much to learn and share on this journey to wellness.  We just need to plant the seeds, which we wish to grow 


Please note: I receive no income from recommending Food Matters – I simply want to share this wonderful resource that we all have access to online!

Our inner talk

When I reflect on my actions throughout my health journey, I have and sometimes still do, set very high standards for myself.  If you are the same…be careful as this can set you up for failure, which I have kindly been reminded lately.

So today I want to give you the opportunity to find ways to keep you connected to your body and what feels right for YOU, so unrealistic standards aren’t set, then ‘failure’ and punishing self talk set in.  How do you ‘check in’ with yourself and nourish yourself along the way?  When we don’t ‘check in’ often enough we are potentially creating enormous stress in our bodies.  Here’s a great article from the Chopra Centre about what stress does to the body.  Stress causes a whole host of problems from lowering our immune system, disrupting our digestion, aggravating anxiety systems, depression, etc.


  • Do I really need to prove I’m super woman and finish A-Z today?
  • Do I have to say yes to every person that asks something of me, right now, this week?
  • Do I have to say yes to every person that wants to catch up this week?
  • Is it okay to simply read a book instead of hammering it out at the gym, because that is what my body is asking for?
  • Do I really need to be a size 8 for the wedding next month?  Or can I find a way to feed my body nourishing food and love myself the way that I am?
  • Is that slice of cheesecake really what my body wants right now, or am I just eating it to suppress emotions that I haven’t acknowledged?

Stress can also lead to weight gain.  Dr Libby Weaver speaks a lot about this in her ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’ research (check out her TED talk here) and Nat Kringos is another advocator of it.  Here is a great article by Nat relating to stress.

As for myself…it has been an interesting year – lots of lessons to be learnt from close relationships.  After working through a lot of different emotions along the way and learning a lot from the experience, I am reminded again, just recently to love myself more.  Because in the end the best relationship you need is the one with yourself.  Everything happening around you is simply a mirror reflection of what’s happening inside.

Despite hearing this many times over the years, I seem to have actually heard it for myself most recently.  I also hope that by sharing this it will remind and help others within my community.


Over the last year I have explored many things such as reading books on the subject of relationships, had a session with the fabulous Paula who is an intuitive guide – an amazing individual who provides another way of looking at your current situation (I have worked with her on juice fasts that I have helped run in Bali), spoken to friends, participated in my own full moon rituals to let go of things I no longer choose to hold on to, done a juice fast, water fast, whole food cleanses, relaxed with my standards, then tightened up again, and more (trust me the list is lengthy!), but it always comes back to the same thing for me.  My biggest lesson is to love myself more.  

There’s only one version of you, so why not make it the best version possible and love EVERY piece of yourself?!

When you get comfortable in your own skin and love your own body you begin to choose what’s best for you and listen to that little voice inside, that knows.  Trust me, it always knows.  Things are so much easier when we choose to listen.  One article on the topic of body image, that I read last year, still sticks in my mind.  I feel it’s appropriate to post it here as we all need to love ourselves more – our image of ourself can affect our children’s perception of themselves.  Body image is something we as women can get caught up with.

Our emotions and mental state play such an enormous role in our physical health and wellbeing.  When our mind is stressed, busy or not on our side, we can lean towards over eating, bingeing on things we know don’t serve us, not choosing to drink enough water each day and suppressing our emotions with coffee and wine instead, rather than nourishing whole foods that provide us with light, life and clarity.  

Tools that I find helpful to nourish my mind include:

  • Deepak Chopra’s meditation.  Check out his website.  The more meditation I do, regularly, the more I am enjoying it (It has been something I have dabbled in for over a decade).  I find not only the meditation calming but it often gives me a better perspective on my world and a healthy view.  Pure nourishment!  I’m a big fan of his.  Each Wednesday at our Morning Activation Sessions @ Yorkey’s Knob we listen to one of his meditations.  Nourishment for our minds.
  • Walking on the grass, swims in the ocean or fresh water creeks and laying in the sun in my togs grounds me and gets me out of my head.  Weeding the garden and picking produce from the garden also grounds me.
  • Realising and repeating to myself  “Everything is perfect & everything happens at the right time
  • Setting exercise dates with friends to get into nature, connect with those close to me & get me into my body.
  • Finding songs that makes me feel alive…DANCING!
  • Taking an epsom salt bath to promote relaxation through the absorption of magnesium and taking time out for myself.
  • I have also found great benefit in massage – the positive benefits of touch.  If not from your partner, then book in and treat yourself.  Give yourself permission to get one every fortnight or month if that feels right for you and your budget allows for it.  The healing benefits of touch are enormous – it nourishes our nervous system and can lessen symptoms of depression like fatigue & irritability.
  • Yoga also puts me back in my body.  I always feel fabulous after yoga – more in touch with myself.
  • Reading – be it websites, books, blogs, etc.  I’m currently reading “A Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson.  It seems to be providing a helpful and healthy perspective on things.
  • Laughter!   Why take life so seriously?

Now it’s your turn!  How do you nourish yourself when that negative self talk kicks in?  How do you connect with yourself?  What rituals do you enjoy for yourself?  Do you tend to set your standards too high, knowing that it may not be achievable?  Do you beat yourself up about it, or have you learnt to simply let go and try again tomorrow?  I’d love to hear what you do in the comments below!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some words from Deepak:

If you candidly accept how useless fear and worry have been in your life, you’ve taken the first and most important step. You’ve discovered that you are your own jailer, which puts in your hand the key to unlock the door to your cell and choose freedom.  Full article here.

Be still for 14 days

I’m back!

I’ve had a long break from my blog. During the last four months I’ve had loads of ideas and experiences however have found myself judging everything I begin writing.

To be honest I have felt a little ‘stuck’ in my work and home life. I know I’m on the right path – sharing my knowledge and passion of health however I need to remember to tune in and confidently speak my truth.

There are endless recipes and health links I could share with you to inspire you to eat a better breakfast or change what you are snacking on but what about our thoughts? Our mind is such a powerful driver that if we ignore it, it can override any food choice we are making!

I often discuss this with clients and today feel it is important enough to remind a wider audience about it.

I encourage you to take on a challenge with me…

For the next 14 days sit down for 20mins and be still. You can call it meditation if you choose or perhaps you simply prefer to just sit and stare at the sky or the gorgeous big tree in your front yard, for 20mins. You may also choose to focus on your breath for 20mins with your eyes closed. Whatever it looks like, join me and together let’s ground ourselves and bring ourselves back to our own inner knowing.  Before bed each night seems to work for me.

Honesty is key! Speak from your heart and you will feel a massive release of truth. Or perhaps just a subtle inner knowing that is equally powerful.

It has been a challenging four months internally for myself despite being involved in some amazing things.  Do you ever find yourself just going about daily life and not tuning in to what makes your heart sing?

During the last 4 months I have spent 2 weeks in NZ hiking and eating fresh organic produce with my partner, attended a 21 day enlightenment experience retreat involving juicing, meditation, rebirthing and afternoon yoga. I have also been doing further study and updating my website while at the same time trying to implement a new routine that I love since opening up my practice from home and therefore working from home. It has been beautiful yet challenging because of my inner talk. I look forward to getting back in to the swing of things and writing more often.  I think my 14 day challenge which I hope you join me on, will realign us both to our inner knowing.

What would you like to know more about? Please reply in the comments below so I can support you on your journey. Also, I’d love to know if you are going to join me on my 14 day BE STILL challenge?

This picture was taken in NZ after climbing the saddle on our 5 day Rees Dart hike.  It takes me back to a very quiet still content place.  Where’s your content or happy place?

Janelle x

Feeling Grateful

Hi everyone,
I had the most amazing weekend last weekend.
I started my weekend off with a gorgeous early morning swim at Palm Cove with some friends.  I got there a little early and went for a walk along the beach and watched the sun rise.  As it was rising I did some Tibetian Rites (http://www.mkprojects.com/pf_TibetanRites.htm – this is just one site I have found, there are many) and then sat on the sand and took some deep breaths to enjoy where I was.  Post swim during our conversation a friend was wanting to find a new home for his herbs as he is moving into a unit so I was the lucky one who now has some gorgeous new herbs to take care of.

I was then planning on coming home and getting stuck into my list of things to do as I had a ‘free’ weekend and thought what a great opportunity to make some head way on my list of things to achieve.  It was such gorgeous weather though so I decided to abort that idea and lay in my hammock and decide what my weekend would look like.  This is a rare thing so to make sure I didn’t waste it it also became a Facebook free weekend.  This allowed me to simply enjoy where I was at the time and not flick through the feed at random moments when I waiting for something, as I sometimes tend to do.

I then decided my first stop would be the market!  To find myself a delicious coconut, to complement the gorgeous weather!  My 30th birthday is coming up soon so I then felt that some new birthday togs were in order, as I am heading away on a 5 day hike near the beach in WA (I have a secret fettish for swimmers).  So off I trotted to explore my options….I came away with some that I love!  The rest of my weekend involved some beautiful walks in nature, hanging out with my partner, some therapeutic cleaning, chats with old friends that were enjoyed in the afternoon sun and not pushed for time and a fantastic sunset on Sunday evening shared with friends.

I went to a talk by Dr Peter Dingle a couple of months ago and following his talk decided to buy one of his books called The Gratitude Guide.  While I was away in Thailand doing my pranayama course I was noting down what I was grateful for at the end of each day.  It was an excellent exercise to ensure that was spending the majority of my thoughts on all the good that is in my life.  The more we focus on what we are grateful for the more we connect those neural pathways in our brain – enhancing the positive in our lives and bringing in more positive!  Try it.  Get yourself a gratitude diary and each night just before you go to sleep spend 5 minutes writing down all that you are grateful for, or at least 3 things.

I have a lot to be grateful for at the moment and am really excited about the next 3 weeks and beyond.

  • I am leaving tonight on a plane to Western Australia where I will be seeing my brother and little niece whom I haven’t seen for 8months – my niece is the sweetest little person ever!  Come Monday morning I am going to begin my 5 day hike along the Margaret River coastline – the Cape to Cape walk.  I just loving getting out in to the wilderness and enjoying a life of simplicity.
  • All of my family are coming to visit when I return and we are going to hire a house up north and spend a week hanging out.  My dad was 60 last year and we didn’t really get to celebrate it and I’m 30 this year so it’s a excuse to enjoy being together and build sandcastles with my little niece on the beach.
  • I have just finished up working for someone else as a Naturopath so this will give me more time to focus on my own business.  An exciting leap of faith!  I can’t wait to have time to put my ideas in to action!
  • I received some raw chocolate blocks/base ingredients to create raw chocolate, from a friends company in the USA (http://yourdecadentwellness.com/chocolate/) which I simply can’t wait to make!

I best be off and hop on my plane!!  Have a beautiful weekend and remember to focus on what you are grateful for each evening.

Check out this short TedTalk for some extra info on mindfulness and meditation and how it can create more happiness in your world (http://www.ted.com/talks/andy_puddicombe_all_it_takes_is_10_mindful_minutes.html)