AMAZING CHAI & a fabulous Christmas gift too!

Recipe found at (originally discovered through Pinterest - such an amazing invention!).  

Delicious home made chai mix...mmmm

Delicious home made chai mix...mmmm

Since discovering this recipe about 3 months ago I think I have made about 10 batches of this amazing blend which I store in my fridge and enjoy most mornings.  It really helped me transition off coffee - which wasn't serving me regularly.  I think it would make the perfect Christmas gift too!...served in a nice glass jar and all wrapped up with fabric and raffia on top.

1 cup organic black loose leaf tea (or English Breakfast works)

3 cinnamon sticks, broken apart and crushed with a mortar

1/4 cup fresh ginger, or you can use powder

1 tsp red chilli (optional depending on how much you like heat)

3 tbsp black pepper corns

2 tbsp cloves

9 star anise, roughly crushed into pieces with mortar

3 tbsp fennel seeds

4 tbsp whole cardamom pods, roughly crushed in mortar

3 tbsp coriander seeds



1. Mix all ingredients into a glass jar with a lid (I use a large reused Niugini coconut oil jar)

2. Shake the jar thoroughly so that all of the spices mix together.

3. *Mix organic honey throughout the mix so that the spices look wet and are coated in it.  This takes a bit of work but it brings out all the flavours!


Let me know in the comments below if you also love this delightful chai mix?  And how you most prefer to serve it?  I use a plunger or teapot and once brewed I love it with a dash of rice milk.  If I haven't stirred any honey through I serve it with a little honey.