Is your toxic pantry preventing progress?

What is a pantry clean out?

Pantry clean outs are a service that I offer at Seeds Of Health, in which I am really excited to offer, and would like to explain in greater detail.  I believe it is one of the most helpful tools to get you on track AND keep you on track, when you change your eating habits.


A change of ‘diet’ or way of eating may have been forced upon you due to current health concerns that you are experiencing, or wanting to heal?  Or, perhaps you are simply wanting to change your way of eating, due to your own learning and research.  Either way, if you have tempting or toxic foods lurking in your pantry or fridge it will be hindering your success!  No one wants that when they are determined to heal their gut, lose that excess weight, eliminate their child’s ADHD, improve their diabetic concerns, sort out their PMS and even heal their cancer.  Yes, that’s right, all of these conditions (which are just a short list) can all be improved by changing your diet which in turn compliments your healthy lifestyle choices.

Pantry clean outs require me to come in to your home, assess the current contents of your pantry and fridge, with no judgement and then sit down and have a discussion about:

  • what items need to go and why by going through individual products in detail – I find this education a very powerful tool;
  • which alternatives to buy that are not toxic;
  • what routines you need to establish in your kitchen to create ease with your preparation and cooking; and
  • which systems we need to put in place to succeed.

Sound good?  Sauces, salads dressings, canned foods, packets, labels, argghh…!  It can all get very confusing.  This is where I can help to clarify what to look for on a label, where to shop, what is VERY important to avoid and where can allowances be made.  This support is essential when beginning, refining and continuing your journey of health in order to SUCCEED!

Do you answer yes to the following questions below?

  • Are you unsure of what is in those packets in your cupboard?
  • Are you unsure of what to replace these packet and canned foods with?
  • Do you believe you are eating well but unsure of why you are not getting better?
  • Are you stuck and unsure of how to make the change to a healthier and more conscious way of eating?

Then, it is definitely time to organise a pantry clean out!

Your next thought may be…what do I do with all of these new ingredients?!   This is my favourite part!  I can discuss recipes, menu ideas, time savers and more.  Perhaps even put together a food plan for yourself and your family, if that is what you require.

Together we can bust those food myths that are confusing you and keeping you from making the progress you really want, in order to be beaming with vitality!  Contact me today to organise your pantry clean out, or perhaps you know a friend or family member that would greatly benefit from a home visit like this?

If you have previously been through this type of clean out in your home let me know below in the comments what you found challenging, easy or useful and let your friends know, if you feel they will benefit from such a service.

Together, we can work, to create success with your health and a family full of vitality!