What happened after 14 days?

Good afternoon!  Happy Wednesday 

Well, 14 days have gone by and I’m wondering how you feel?  Has anything shifted for you?

What do you feel after being still  for 14 days?  Spending 20 minutes everyday being still in nature, on your bed, in your office, where ever you may have chosen to.  I would love to know some of the locations that worked for you?

I personally found it so fulfilling and nourishing….to get grounded everyday.  To give myself 20minutes of quiet time where I could absorb the beauty of nature, process my day, practice gratitude or simply be still.  Sometimes I chose to concentrate on my breath, other times I would simply stare into nature – at the mountains in the distance or a beautiful tree.  I found it beneficial to set the timer on my phone for 20 minutes, this way I could be present and not have to check the time.  Some days the 20 minutes would scoot by and others it seemed to last a while, but either way I was committed to being still for 20minutes.

I have a habit of fitting a lot in to my day, however despite this for 14 days I committed myself to 20 minutes of me time.  It paid off.  I found I was clearer in the head and moved through most days with more ease.  That 20 minutes was my little piece of paradise.  I found myself lavishing the idea of stopping and being present in the moment, not rushing ahead to plan my day.  Just simply being.  When I practiced in the evening (either at dusk or in bed before drifting off to sleep) I found it a fabulous time to let go of my day.  I personally always preferred sitting on the grass – out of the house and away from my work environment, however I also enjoyed being still on my yoga mat.

I have explored meditation a lot over the last 10 years however never found it something that came easily to me.  I have to say I am finding that short snippets of 20 minutes work for me at the moment.  During the last 14 days, no matter what happened during a particular day I always found it grounding to check in to myself and minimise the rush of my mind and remind myself that the best place to be is in the present moment.

I am going to continue my be still project and I hope you do too.  Drop me a line and let me know how you’re feeling, whether you’re loving it as much as I am or perhaps really struggling with it?

Last weekend I was down in Brisbane speaking at the Future Of Food convention.  I was sharing knowledge about additives, preservatives, their link to ADHD, whether to choose organic food or not, our connection to food and where it comes from and how all of this impacts on our digestive system, nervous system and mind.  I look forward to filtering this knowledge through to my blog readers.  In the next couple of weeks I am also planning to begin discussing the 8 principles of wellness, in greater detail, that I am such a strong believer in.  The foundation of our health!  They are hydration, sunshine, fresh air, whole foods, quality sleep, exercise, healthy relationships and a passion for something.

I’m going to leave you with this thought about procrastination as I found it quite appropriate for me as I write this blog.  If you find yourself procrastinating remember this:

Procrastination is based in fear: of failure, of success, of sharing our stories, of what other people will think. Let go of these fears and take action. Just do it. All we have is now. Quit procrastinating.

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