Your nourishing wellness travel guide

Like so many people, one of my favourite things to do is to travel.  Visiting beautiful places and good friends abroad or interstate is something I always look forward to. It’s a chance to fill up on fresh juices and smoothies, new sights, different culture and enjoy a different change of pace and time for reflection. Fabulous! The only bad part about all this (well, aside from it ending) are those long but necessary hours squirming around in a plane seat.

Staying nourished and healthy is my absolute priority for flying. In all my time travelling I have picked up some handy tips and tricks. To help you better get ready for your next flight, domestic or overseas, this is my health and wellness guide to keep you nourished and nurtured. I promise it’s jet lag and uninspiring plane food free!

Pre-planning and preparation

We often pack our clothes and personal belongings days or weeks in advance, so why not invest a little more time in yourself? Here are some things to consider:

  • Prepare some home cooked meals and snacks. Plane food can leave us feeling pretty miserable. It’s low on nutritional value, mushy and has a tendency to bloat us. I take fresh food along with me in my bag. Choices that travel well: quinoa, brown rice, hard boiled eggs, baked root vegetables (my favourite is a whole roast sweet potato), bananas, pears, granola bars, carrot, cucumber and red capsicum sticks with hummus, nuts and of course, bliss balls or raw chocolate!
  • Exercise and hydrate. I’ll either exercise the night before my flight or the morning of. It gets the blood flowing and makes me less restless during the flight. Staying hydrated beforehand will make the greatest difference to how you feel post-flight. 
  • Make a list of healthy cafes, restaurants or farmers markets you’d like to visit at your destination. Be sure to pack any other items you want on to take on holiday, such as chia seeds or barley grass powders.
Travel tips when jet-setting...

Travel tips when jet-setting...

During the flight

  • Again, H2O is key. Take your own drink bottle and cartons of coconut water. Getting up for the loo frequently will actually offer valuable stretching time…Drink more than you think you should.
  • Move and stretch. Take a few aisle walks - when getting up to the loo - and when you’re sitting down, regularly rotate your ankles, shoulders, neck and wrists.
  • Dap on some essential oils. Doterra is my go-to brand for oils. Choose lavender, serenity, easy air or balance for calming and or easy breathing support.
  • A good book, music, podcast or audio meditation. Smiling Mind and Calm are both wonderful meditation apps.

On landing

  • Take off your shoes and feel the earth or go for a refreshing swim. You’ve been up in the air for so long, it’s important to reconnect with the ground. You’ll feel instantly energised. 
  • Make a green smoothie to pack lots of fabulous nutrients back into your body.
  • Get an early first night sleep. It will set you up for the rest of your holiday.

Where’s your next travel destination? How do you stay nourished and energised when travelling? I hope I see you in Cairns or Far North Queensland soon!

Janelle x