Food Matters Live Screening

Happy Wednesday readers 

I just wanted to make you aware of a fabulous FREE screening of numerous health and related documentaries available for the next 4 days.  You may have seen my post about it on Facebook 6 days ago.  It is apart of the Food Matters website.  Have you seen the Food Matters documentary?


This documentary alone is such a helpful place to start – a tool to help plant the right seeds.  It is a documentary that the owners of Food Matters first pulled together.  It was such a success that a whole movement has followed.  The documentary gives you a really fabulous understanding of how food DOES matter “You are what you eat”.  How it impacts our health and how we can be CONSCIOUS of our choices, with lots of interviews by leading experts in the field.  I also find it provides a great way to ‘teach’ others and give them a sound understanding without having to give them a lecture they may not want to hear – give them a copy of the film or notify them of this FREE offer.  I often lend out my copy to clients to watch if you are not able to buy a copy.  I currently have a Hungry Food Change DVD to give away also…let me have a think about that give away!  I’ll notify you on Facebook – so come on over and join the Seeds Of Health community!

However, there is more to it than the next 4 days…you are able to subscribe to FMTV here (Food Matters TV) for $8/month or $80 for the year and have access to a whole scope of DVD’s (some you can’t find elsewhere), plus recipes and yoga and exercise videos to get you moving at home if you can’t make it to a class because of kids, or other reasons.  Online versions suit some people but not all I realise.  It’s often nice to buy the hard copy and get a bunch of family or like minded friends together, make some healthy snacks and make an evening of it with ‘juicy’ discussions to follow.  Check out the shop here or I can do a bulk order if you know of a group that would benefit.

The reason I’m letting you know about this fabulous resource is because I stumbled upon it when I was enjoying one of the free documentaries (that are only available till Nov 4th!).  I felt that I had to share!  The topics and documentaries shared and discussed come from all angles – so I feel you can, in time, make your own educated decision, along with guidance from qualified professionals like myself if you have questions arise and feel you need support.  You are also able to enjoy other short videos online, available for free all year round, including TED talks, humorous health snippets, videos on waste, the flu shot, additives, benefits of meditation, etc – all available here.

As I mentioned there is only 4 days left to enjoy Q&A sessions with the makers of the films and the films themselves for free here.  I have managed to watch a few over the weekend and of an evening – enjoying the reminders, stories, reflections, lessons and sharing with those around me.  I love the diversity of the films!   One that I missed and am eager to watch is called Love Bomb.  The link to the synopsis is here.  This quote will give you a taste –

“If we were all committed to loving, like radically committed to loving, the world would be completely different, the world would shift.” Kate Blackson

Watching these DVD’s will broaden your mind!  Share them with friends and family and friends of friends.  Pass the message on if you feel it’s worth sharing! …I do!  The choices are endless, the empowerment is rich and you certainly become more conscious of the choices you make (one of my major aims at Seeds Of Health)!

Keep in mind to make changes step by step, bit by bit – not all at once.  Develop a foundation to build on, which i can help you with.  I am here to guide you when you have questions surrounding the myths, tricks, contradictions, alternatives, etc.  Keep in mind I offer the following services:

  • Setting up a clean food plan for the fortnight;
  • Clean out your panty and fridge to start over with a clean slate – remember I offer Pantry Clean Outs – where I come to your home and discuss the contents of your kitchen and home (eg. laundry, bathroom, etc) and discuss what to keep and throw out and WHY.  Most importantly I discuss alternatives and what to replace with and how to store things, what to buy and cook as alternatives.  Read more here on my services page.
                                               Does your pantry look like this? Ingredients that you may not be aware of that are harming your health?

                                               Does your pantry look like this? Ingredients that you may not be aware of that are harming your health?


  • Have a follow up consultation (or refer a friend or family member for an initial consultation) with a clear intention about what you want to heal or improve (or both! :).  I can also help you to decipher what your intention needs to be;
  • Have a BARS session  to clear subconscious thoughts patterns that no longer serve you around food or everyday choices you are making in your home, work or lifestyle that are holding you back from achieving a healthy, well balanced lifestyle full of happiness and vitality!;
  • If you feel you know what the alternatives are but don’t know what to cook then call me and let’s organise a food workshop – either privately or with a group of friends.  A lot of the topics that I cover are listed on my website here 
  • Do you have a celebration coming up and want something delicious and fun to contribute to the party?!  Then research raw cakes and make one yourself for the first time or contact me and I can make you one for your celebration!;
  • Lastly, if you are familiar with the Food Matters crew and have watched some of their DVD’s over the years or have been to doing your own research and making changes to your home and diet, but still questioning why you are feeling low in energy, or can’t put a finger on something, perhaps we need to conduct a hair analysis test to clarify?  A hair analysis tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, moulds, parasites, electro magnetic radiation (EMR) and heavy metal toxicity – a combination or only one may be affecting your health and slowing down your progress to wellness.  Let’s work together on this one.

I hope you enjoy the films and resources on the Food Matters website!  Remember that I am here to guide and help you on your journey to wellness.  I look forward to your comments regarding the films you’ve seen, enjoyed, felt challenged by, resources you loved, etc.  There is so much to learn and share on this journey to wellness.  We just need to plant the seeds, which we wish to grow 


Please note: I receive no income from recommending Food Matters – I simply want to share this wonderful resource that we all have access to online!

Overfed & Undernourished

Meat…should we eat it?

It’s a hot topic!

Last Friday night I was part of a Q&A panel at the end of a fabulous movie called Overfed & Undernourished.  The movie was a documentary about a boy called Liam who was clearly Overfed & Undernourished.  Sadly a true depiction of many children in today’s society.  An example of his state of health was he had trouble walking up a grassy hill without wheezing and stopping for a breather, due to his sedentary lifestyle.  Together Liam and his dad decided that it would be best to send him off to his Aunty and Uncle’s place on the Gold Coast as they lived quite a different active and healthy lifestyle that would provide Liam with the opportunity to get back on track with his health.  This was an intense and challenging 3 months that changed Liam’s life for the better.

Following the movie I was asked, along with 2 other individuals within the health and wellness field to answer questions from the audience about health.  One of the questions was about meat and how much should we eat?  This was an interesting and fabulous question, yet at the time didn’t give myself the opportunity to expand as much as I would have liked, so I thought I would use this forum – my blog – to do so.

My philosophy within Seeds Of Health is to increase our plant based food intake.  This can be done through fresh juices, smoothies, salads, soups, whole food dips, steamed vegetables, exchanging a meat curry for a delicious Dahl (a lentil curry – ask me for a recipe if you want one!), etc.  It’s often about swapping A for B.  Which I can help with!  Let’s add in so much good food, that it just naturally crowds out the bad, rather than depriving ourselves of certain foods.

Generally speaking, we all have some form of inflammation within our body, however to what extent varies depending on the individual.  Do you have signs of headaches, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (changing between diarrhoea and constipation), stiff joints, achey joints, sore back, irregular hormones illustrated through PMS or painful, varying cycle lengths (for the ladies!)?, gout, anemia, a fungal infection under your toenail, etc.  All of these symptoms are signs of inflammation and imbalance within the body.  By increasing the foods which provide ‘light’ (from the sun – plant based foods) into our bodies, our body is able to heal, repair and bring itself back to balance.  The moment we start eating too much processed, heavy, dense, dark and dead food (that is not grown with sunlight and living nutrients) our body has to work very hard to break it down and process it.  If it is foreign (ie. the body doesn’t recognise it as food because it was made in a lab with numbers and preservatives, etc) our immune system goes on high alert to protect our body from the ‘invader’.  Doing this constantly this wears out our body.

Animal products (namely meat and dairy – yogurt, cheese, ice cream, cream, milk, chocolate) cause a ‘stickiness’ and clogging of our arteries, not to mention the non-organic matter that is entering our bodies like steroids and hormones in meat and dairy as well as horrific ingredients like anti-freeze and leather cleaner found in ice cream.  It is so important for these reasons that if you do choose to eat animal products that they are free range/organic/bio-dynamic/happy animals that they themselves live a natural existence where they are able to roam and eat their natural diet.

By increasing plant based foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds (quinoa, chia, hemp, linseed/flaxseed), legumes, lentils, etc and finding replacements for the everyday consumer items (listed below) our body is able to clean the colon and arteries and repair, reaping the benefits from there – more energy, better digestion, clearer mind, more motivation, weight loss, etc.


  • Exchange cows milk for – almond milk, rice milk, Bonsoy milk (a better brand of soy milk that is non GMO), oat milk, coconut milk, hemp seed milk, coconut water (fabulous base for smoothies).
  • Exchange processed wheat bread for – sourdough rye or spelt bread (the less ingredients listed the better!), Essene bread, homemade spelt crepes, rice cakes, mountain bread wraps, sushi nori rolls, rice papers, etc
  • Exchange traditional ice cream for – whole food smoothie (frozen banana, cacao and almond milk!), coconut ice cream (available at health food stores), home made ice cream using whole food organic dairy ingredients, home made icey poles using 100% frozen fruit blended with a paddle pop stick great recipes here.
  • Exchange traditional Cadburys dairy milk chocolate for raw chocolate 

So after providing some background information let’s get back to the question.  How much meat should we eat?

As you can no doubt gather from the above information it is more about assessing where your body is at and letting it heal and repair – which in turn increases vitality.  Individually we will consider what food is right for your body and most importantly quality of the food you choose to eat – be it animal products or not.  It is a very individual assessment depending on your state of health.  Using iridology and questioning I assess your current state of health during a Naturopathic consultation.  Please contact me if you feel it is time for an assessment of your body.

The AIM is to increase your plant based foods and know exactly what you are putting in to your body (reading every label! and ideally not buying foods with labels).

A great resource to get started with whole foods is The Real Food Chef or The Real Food Kitchen.  I was selling these at the movie premiere, last Friday night.  I truly believe, aside from the endless blogs online that this recipe book provides not only mouth watering recipes that are functional for the family (both meat based and vegetarian) but opens your mind up as to how to increase your plant based foods with every meal you eat.  I stock these recipes books and am happy for you to phone or email me to collect your copy.  The authors Dr Libby Weaver and Chef Cynthia Louise are profound in their knowledge of nutrition and plant based foods.  I personally have worked alongside Chef Cynthia Louise and cannot speak highly enough about what she has to offer.  Dr Libby Weaver is a woman of such strength that acknowledge an epidemic of Rushing Women’s Syndrome – women packing more and more into their lives without stopping to nourish and realise what their body needs.  Together, both of these women turn the everyday meal like sheppard’s pie or caramel slice in to something that is so jam packed with vitamins and minerals, your body will be thanking you for it and your tastebuds will be singing!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below what your opinion is of the above information and what journey of health you have been on?  Do you agree or disagree with the above information?  Did you see the screening of Overfed & Undernourished?  What was your opinion of the movie?

I look forward to chatting to you in the comments below.

Signing off with kale kisses,


Chocolate buckwheat granola

Happy Wednesday!

This week I thought I would share a delicious recipe that I’ve just made a fresh batch of!  I just love to enjoy the smell of it while it’s dehydrating and LOVE waking up to the divine smell, come morning.

Serving this raw GRAND cacao buckwheat granola with almond milk or sprinkled on top of an Acai bowl (explained below) gets me and my taste buds all excited for the day ahead!  It’s something so special!  I often savour the last couple of mornings as my stash gets low.

So…here is the recipe for RAW GRAND CACAO GRANOLA:


  • 1.5 cups almonds (soaked overnight)
  • 1.5 kg buckwheat (soaked for 30mins)
  • 1 cup cacao
  • 1/4 cup cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup coconut nectar
  • Black styrian pumpkin seeds (much larger with more flavour!) – 1 cup or more according to how many you would like
  • Goji berries – 1 cup or more according to how many you would like



  • Soak almonds ideally overnight or for at least a few hours – then tip out the water they were soaked in
  • Soak buckwheat for 30mins and tip out the water they were soaked in using a strainer (so you don’t lose lots of buckwheat)
  • Place the buckwheat, almonds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, cacao, cinnamon and coconut nectar (Maca is also nice in this mix) altogether in a bowl and stir until the mix is completely covered in cacao, cinnamon and coconut nectar.
  • If you own a dehydrator it is a big help however you can also dehydrate your raw GRAND cacao granola in the oven.  If dehydrating, place the mixture on trays and dehydrate on 45-60 degrees for 18 hours.  (Technically for your granola to remain raw it must be ‘cooked’ at 45 degrees or below – but if you are not worried about this the lower temperatures will still maintain a lot of nutrients).  If you are using an oven, set it on the lowest temperature and check it after 8-12 hours.   The almonds will hold a bit of moisture so to ensure they are fully dehydrated so they don’t go mouldy after a week.  I repeat it is important to keep dehydrating the muesli until the moisture in the almonds has evaporated.

Nutritional information:

  • Buckwheat is undervalued!  It is actually a seed and totally safe for people who are allergic or intolerant to wheat.  It contains NO GLUTEN.  Packed full of nutrients (magnesium being very high), great source of protein and fibre, balances blood sugar levels and good for a healthy heart.
  • Almonds – when soaked they are much more easily digested because the enzyme inhibitor has been removed from the skin.  Rich in calcium for healthy bones and teeth, healthy heart support, brain and nourishing nervous system support.
  • Goji berries are high in antioxidants
  • Black Styrian seeds high in zinc, magnesium and healthy fats
  • Cacao is loaded full of antioxidants, magnesium and happiness (gotta love chocolate in your breakfast!)
  • Coconut nectar – a healthy sweetener full of minerals
  • Cinnamon to support heart health, a warming spice – great for arthritis, balancing blood sugar levels and diabetes and beating fungal infections like candida

Do you need any more convincing?!!

If you are looking for a different way of using your raw GRAND cacao granola then sprinkle it on top of your smoothies or on top of an Acai bowl (like a thick blended smoothie served in a bowl with a spoon).

Acai Bowl  (pictured above) – Acai is a berry that packs a huge antioxidant punch! – Available from health food stores both frozen and powdered.  I think the frozen (fresh) berry is best and much more delicious.  Place a frozen Acai sachet combined with frozen banana, frozen mango, almond milk (or other liquids of your choice – less liquid than a smoothie), cacao, and whatever else you fancy (herbs, spices, nuts, coconut, blueberries, etc).  Serve in a bowl with a spoon topped with your raw GRAND cacao granola and bee pollen if you choose.  A mega dose of antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, hydration and the list could go on and on and on…just trust me 

What do you love to have for breakfast?  Have you tried making your own granola or acai bowl?  I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Have a bonza breakfast!


Mums and bubs food choices

Recently I did a workshop at Amanda Gale Physiotheraphy for mums and their bubs.  I wanted to provide awareness about how the foods we eat and what we put on our skin are absorbed into our bodies and then filtered through to the mother’s milk, if breast feeding.  I focused mainly on food, however I also touched on beauty products.  Do you read the labels?  Consider using coconut oil as your daily moisturiser…it’s fantastic! 

Everything you eat and put on your skin (ie. moisturizer) is absorbed by your body and therefore your baby, whether in the the womb or being breast fed.


Common allergen foods are wheat, dairy and sugar.  Here are some alternatives to consider using:



The following grains contain wheat: Triticale, spelt, kamut, durum wheat, semolina, bulgur and then of course wheat.  Barley, rye and oats contain gluten which may cause problems for some people’s digestion, however if gluten is not an issue for you there are great alternatives.  There are so many other choices to use though!  Consider using these grains, seeds and flours:

Rice, corn, millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, potato, nut flours like almond meal, tapioca, flaxseed/linseed and chia.


Cow’s milk can create many digestive problems and increase mucous production in our body.  There are many alternatives including: almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, soy milk (BONSOY preferably – available from some supermarkets and most health food shops).  Goats milk, although still dairy, can be less of a problem.

Other sources of calcium that offer a variety of vitamins and minerals and strengthen our bones include almonds, tahini (sesame seed paste), broccoli, figs, green leafy vegetables like kale, watercress, romaine lettuce, pak choi, chicory, seaweed, alfalfa and hazelnuts.

Sometimes we need to restructure our diet plan so dairy is not our main focus for breakfast, for example.  I love creating food plans for people so please come and see me if you need help with this.


White sugar should be avoided by everyone!  I have written an earlier post about sugar, so scroll down if you would like to revisit this.  Sugar depletes both you and your babies immune system which is not a great start to life!

Other alternatives include maple syrup, honey, agave, stevia, xylitol (the last three are available from health food stores).  These are all more whole food and plant source sweeteners that also contain vitamins and minerals

Other things to consider:

Remember that your baby eats what you eat – through your breast milk – it is therefore so important to be conscious of everything you are putting in your mouth!

  Avoid adding salt, sugar and seasonings to foods as this becomes a benchmark flavour for your baby.  Let them taste each food as nature intended it first.  

  Unprocessed whole foods are fantastic snacks – mashed pumpkin, sweet potato, paw paw, avocado, banana, home made yogurt or unflavoured organic yogurt, etc.  Make a larger amount and freeze some in ice cube trays.

  Dehydrated fruits can be used along with rusks to chew on.  

  Consider adding salmon to your baby’s diet (check for bones!).  Healthy omegas are present.  Linseeds and chia seeds are also great sources of omega 3 and 6.  This helps develop your child’s brain and also skin health to name a few.

ALWAYS check for additives and preservatives in foods!  If you make them fresh you don’t need to worry about this.  These can really affect your child’s immune system as it is not from nature and therefore provokes an immune response within their body, unnecessarily.


Some foods that can aggravate digestion and cause colic symptoms include:

·      Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. 

·      Cow’s milk and soy milk

·      Chocolate

·      Onions

·      Spices can also upset your baby’s digestion so consider whether you are adding too much chilli for example to your foods.

If you have eliminated the following foods for a minimum of 2 weeks and symptoms have not subsided consider getting a Hair Mineral Analysis Test at Amanda Gale Physiotherapy to discover specific foods and products that your baby needs to eliminate.

Almond milk is so easy to make.  Consider making it yourself.  Here’s the recipe:

Almond milk

1 x nut milk bag

1 cup measure


Raw natural almonds

Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight in fresh water.  Drain the almonds and place in the blender with 1 litre of water*. Blend for around 1.5mins, or until blended through depending on how fantastic your blender is.  Drain this through your nut milk bag, and squeeze all of the milk into a jug or glass bottle for storage.  You many like to reduce the amount of water blended with your almonds to create a thicker milk. 

*Optional add ins include: 1 date, 1 vanilla bean, a pinch sea salt, coconut.

Use as a delicious dairy replacement with muesli, or in hot drinks and smoothies.

All the best with your food alternatives choices!  Have fun and explore your options.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Janelle Twine.

Brain food…Hemp seed slice (Lunchbox snack No.3)

Here is another great recipe to add to your child’s lunchbox or to snack on if you feel like something sweet yourself.  It’s got a beautiful combination of seeds and dried fruit.  Hemp seeds provide a fantastic balance of omegas 3, 6 and 9 in exactly the right ratio.  Chia seeds and flaxseeds are also a rich source of omega 3s.  Together all three seeds provide a fantastic supply which are beneficial for brain, skin and heart health.  Omega 3s are particularly beneficial for cognitive function assisting with issues such as ADHD.  Omega 3s also reduce inflammation in the body which can assist with asthma.  The coconut oil and vanilla bean paste in this slice create a delicious rich flavour so you don’t need much.  Coconut oil has antibacterial properties as well as providing a healthy vegetable source of saturated fat – which we need to manufacture our hormones.    Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc and sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium.  This recipe is jam packed full of goodness!!  I hope you enjoy it.  I look forward to your feedback or any questions you may have on particular foods or recipes.

Hemp Seed Slice:

In a large bowl, mix

¼ cup chia seeds or flax seeds,

¼ cup sesame seeds,

¼ cup pumpkin seeds,

¼ cup whole hemp seeds (available from health food stores)

¼ cup dried fruit (figs, dried apricots, dried pears, etc)

½ teaspoon sea salt,

2 teaspoons cinnamon,

1/3 cup melted organic coconut oil,

1 Tablespoon vanilla bean paste,

½ cup organic honey

Once well-mixed transfer to a large cutting board. Cover with oiled waxed paper (oil side down) and press flat with your hands or with a rolling pin.  Place in refrigerator until firm, then cut into squares.  Store in the refrigerator.

Janelle Twine.

Guilt free chocolate


On Thursday I ran a workshop at Amanda Gale Physiotheraphy and Wellbeing about raw chocolate.  Everyone had so much fun sampling chocolate!  Here are some of the notes I presented.

All chocolate is made from cacao beans (also known as cocoa beans), however there are a lot more health benefits found in the original cacao bean compared to the processed chocolate that is available at various shops and supermarkets these days.  I would like to make you aware of how beneficial RAW cacao and chocolate is so that you can enjoy it guilt free at the same time as reaping health benefits.

Healthy chocolate contains no sugar, no dairy and no chemicals, which, when present, all play havoc on our immune system.  Refined sugar draws minerals out of the body, causes blood sugar imbalances and disorders, dehydration and is highly addictive.  Adding sugar to cacao alters cacao’s original healing properties.

Cacao is the seed of a fruit of a South American jungle tree.  Cacao beans were so highly prized by the Mayan and Aztec civilisations that they used them instead of gold as money.  The fact that cacao is always in season made this an option. 

All the bad things commonly attributed to processed chocolate bars, such as cavities, weight gain and diabetes, are actually caused by the dairy, sugar and other fillers added to cacao powder and cacao butter (the basis of a GOOD chocolate).

Due to the high amount of antioxidants cacao is considered an anti-ageing superfood.  It is considered a superfood due to its mineral content and unique properties, however, cooking, refining and processing alter these properties.

The following are found in raw cacao:

• Antioxidants (By weight, cacao has more antioxidants than blueberries, acai, pomegranates and goji berries.  Antioxidants protect us from age-related conditions and illnesses.  They shield our DNA from free-radical damage).

Magnesium (Supports the heart, increases brain power, causes strong peristalsis which helps to move waste through the bowel).

• Iron (314% of our recommended daily allowance is found in 28g serving).

Manganese (Assists iron in the oxygenation of blood and formation of hemaglobin.  It is also concentrated in tears).

Chromium (Helps balance blood sugar levels).

Zinc (Plays an important role in our immune system, liver, pancreas, sexual fluids and the health of our skin.  Zinc becomes more available in our body when we detoxify).

Copper (antioxidant, regulates iron metabolism & assists cardiovascular health).

Vitamin C (All cooked and processed chocolate has lost all of its vitamin C).

• Omega 6 (All cooked and processed chocolate contains rancid omega 6’s – trans fat.  This can cause an inflammatory reaction in the body).

• Phenylethylamine (PEA) (What we feel when we fall in love.  PEA also plays a role in focus and alertness). 

• Natural appetite suppressant (Due to magnesium and PEA).

• Anandamide (Naturally produced after exercise – the bliss chemical).

Tryptophan (Mood enhancing nutrient.  Tryptophan is critical for the production of serotonin which helps diminish anxiety and improve our ‘stress-defence shield’.  Tryptophan is heat sensitive, therefore eating raw cacao beans is an excellent way of receiving it).

Serotonin (Outlined above.  If serotonin levels are low, all could be well in our world, but we would still feel like hell).

Fiber (Cacao contains soluble fiber which helps to cleanse our intestines and bulk up our bowel movements).

• Methylxanthines (There is zero to 1/20th the amount of caffeine of conventional coffee found in cacao beans.  There is however theobromines which is a close chemical relative of caffeine.  It is not a nervous system stimulant however it does dilate our cardiovascular system).

Try making your own…it’s easy!  All ingredients are available from health food stores.


To save the vitamin C levels and other health benefits of RAW chocolate it is important to keep the temperature below 48 degrees when melting the ingredients.

150g raw cacao powder

300g raw cacao butter

100g of 100% maple syrup 

1 pinch sea salt

1 tsp AFA algae or spirulina (optional)

Other optional add ins: zest of orange, peppermint oil (food grade – Oil Garden is a good brand), nuts, chilli, goji berries, etc


Melt cacao butter in double saucepan on low i.e. have boiling water in the bottom saucepan and then another saucepan on top so the steam is what melts it – like you are steaming vegies. Have a thermometer present so the temperature does not exceed 48 degrees.  This protects the benefits of the cacao products from being damaged by heat.  Once that is melted, stir everything else in then spoon into moulds… easy as that! 


There are many other ways to use cacao powder such as in smoothies and raw desserts.  Start exploring!  I would love to hear how you go with it and whether you would like particular recipes.  

Have a great weekend!


Green smoothies…immune boosting!

It’s nearly the end of another week.  How are you feeling?  Energised?  Or are you feeling incredibly tired? 


Adding a green smoothie into your day provides your body with an excellent source of iron (predominately from green leaves) as well as vitamin C (predominately from fruit).  Vitamin C is needed for iron absorption, so this is a perfect combination of ingredients.  However, this is not the only benefit of green smoothies.

Some of you may remember my green smoothie article in the last CPC magazine.  I’ve decided to re-post this article online as a reminded as we approach winter and an online resource.  Entering into Winter we need to support and boost our immune systems.  Green smoothies are a fantastic way to supply our bodies and more importantly our immune system with an incredible amount of nutrients!  

Green smoothies have endless benefits.  Some of these include:

  Alkalising your body, by balancing your blood pH, therefore assisting with symptoms such as fatigue, foggy headedness, constipation, achey joints as well as enhancing the strength of your bones.

  A nutrient dense snack that leaves less room in your stomach for that extra piece of cake, bread, or biscuit.

  Protein (Green leaves provide up to 30% protein)

  Magnesium (A mineral commonly depleted through stress)

  Calcium (Yes that’s right!  We don’t have to get it through milk)

  Chlorophyll (Improves body odour, bad breath and assists in detoxifying the liver)

  With the addition of parsley it will purify the kidneys

  With the addition of enzyme rich sprouts your smoothie will enhance your digestion

  They taste delicious!

The modern diet and lifestyle tends to promote acidity as we consume large amounts of high fat, high sugar foods, white foods (white flour, white sugar, etc), meat, alcohol, softdrink, etc and smaller amounts of living food (green leafy vegetables, coloured vegetables, fruits, sprouts, raw nuts, etc).  Stress, too little sunshine, not enough fresh air and not enough clean water also contribute to increased acidity in our blood.  So we need to be mindful of this.

Our bodies are intelligent.  When our blood becomes too acidic it draws alkaline minerals, such as calcium, from our bones in order to buffer the acidity.  Therefore, long term acidity contributes to Osteoporosis.  One step you can take to begin alkalising your system is to drink one green smoothie each day!  

Green smoothies are also fantastic for kids!  Have fun as a family and make one together in the morning for breakfast or to snack on throughout the day.  You could also make it the night before so you are prepared with a healthy snack for the following day.  With daily enjoyment of green smoothies your palate will begin to change and you will begin to notice just how sweet sugar really is.  

Try one today!… 


(There are so many green smoothie recipes to pick and choose from, however, a great base recipe to start with is):

2-4 cups of greens (baby spinach, mint, parsley, beetroot leaves, musculin lettuce, kale, etc)

1 frozen banana (NOTE: buy in bulk when on special at the market on a Sunday afternoon & peel skins off before freezing)

1 pear or kiwi fruit (or whatever fruit is in season)

1-2 cups water (adjust to desired consistency)

Blend together in a blender

The texture of the smoothie is a lot nicer when the banana is frozen, however ice cubes can also be added instead.

Additions that I commonly use are frozen blueberries, frozen mango, paw paw, apple, persimmon, apple, half an avocado, broccoli, etc.  I also like to add green powders like wheatgrass powder or Vital Greens, as well as cacao powder, bee pollen, Acai berry powder, etc to make my smoothie as powerful and healthful as possible.Some further alkalising steps to consider include:

  Laugh daily…

  Breathe in fresh air, mindfully, daily…

  Soak up the sun’s rays, mindfully, daily…

  Filter your water and ensure you are adequately hydrated.  Start your day off with 1L when you get out of bed to flush your system after rest and hydrate your brain.

  Consider the portions of your meals – cover three quarters of your plate with salad and/or vegetables.  Overeating can lead to acidity.

I hope you all find time to get to the market this weekend to pick up the necessary ingredients to include a green smoothie into each day!

Happy blending!


The benefits of raw living foods.

After a successful Raw Food workshop on Saturday I would like to provide some of the information on this blog for those of you who couldn’t make it.  There was a lot of information presented so here is a snippet.

Raw foods are anything that is not heated above 48 degrees Celsius.  Eating predominately raw foods puts less strain on your digestive system as there are an abundance of enzymes found in raw food that assist in the digestive process.  This has endless benefits on our body, such as slowing down the ageing process!  Eating predominately cooked food on the other hand puts a tremendous strain on your body because your body needs to work harder to produce these enzymes to break down the food you are eating.  Also, when cooking food you loose a large amount of vitamin C which is so beneficial coming into Winter!

Dr Edward Howell, the father of the food enzyme concept, explained that when your body is busy digesting food, it is unable to divert the necessary energy to make the type of enzymes needed to do other tasks such as cleansing, healing and building.  There is a tug-of-war between the demands of your digestive system for a constant supply of digestive enzymes and the other needs of your body.  Without adequate supply of enzymes you can suffer symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, bad breath, constipation, Candida, depression and many other symptoms.  

Some of the benefits of eating raw foods are:

  Raw foods contain much more water, fibre, nutrients and general bulk that they fill you up faster than cooked food.

  The enzymes in raw food are active as they have not been deactivated through the application of heat.  This benefits us when digesting.

  Increased energy because raw foods are digested easily & quickly, in 24-36 hours as opposed to 48-100 hours for cooked food.  Your body’s vitality won’t be sapped from breaking down hard-to-digest foods and you will therefore have more energy.

  Raw foods can bring body weight to equilibrium or to its optimal range.  You can expect to get healthier and more toned with raw foods.  If weight loss is a goal eat less of the sweet fruits (bananas & dates) & more of the cleansing foods (apples and carrots).

  Minerals, vitamins and hormones cannot work and perform their job except in the presence of enzymes.  Therefore breathing, sleeping, eating, digesting, thinking, moving, immunity, excitement, etc all depend on enzymes and is therefore enhanced when eating more raw foods.

  Your eyes become brighter.  The more living enzymes you consume the more you eradicate disease and cleanse your body.  Your glowing eyes reflect this internal improvement.  A raw diet filled with antioxidants from brightly coloured fruits and vegetables can help improve vision and even prevent future diseases.  For instance, if you have a family history of cataracts, eliminating cooked fats from your daily menu rids the capillaries in your eyes of clogs.

  Ageing process slows & therefore degenerative diseases can disappear.

  Memory and concentration can become sharper. 

  Reduces inflammation.

  Eating a larger percentage of raw foods will decrease the trans fats and saturated fats in your diet, it will also lower the sodium and sugar in your diet.  Potassium, magnesium, folate, fiber, vitamin A, and health-promoting antioxidants will be increased.  These properties are associated with a reduced risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. 

  Over time your ‘pipes’ become cleaner because the food you are eating is assisting in cleaning your ‘pipes’.  This also aids an increase in energy.

  You achieve a greater sense of peace.

I say ‘can’ for some of these because it always depends on many factors such as how much food are you eating (portion size)?  Is it organic?  Are there emotional factors or stressors to consider at the same time?

Disease and illness is the body’s method of cleansing, repairing and restoring itself.  Live and raw food helps us to allow our body to cleanse and clean itself.   Therefore when starting out, a detoxification can take place.  You may feel worse before you feel better, depending on how much cleansing your body has to do. Signs of detox may include cold or flu like symptoms, fatigue, white coated tongue, phlegm, low libido, headache, bad breath, depression, darkened urine, irritability, skin breakouts, body odor, etc.  Enemas and colonics can help toxins leave the body through the bowels rather than the skin. 

Ideally if you can incorporate 80% raw and 20% cooked foods into your diet, you are doing yourself a HUGE favour.  Listen to your body.  You may feel the need to enjoy nourishing warming meals during the winter months.  Just remember the more raw in your diet, the less enzymes your body has to work to produce.  Start with a salad today, or enjoy munching on my latest sweet treat – Goji Berry Slice.

I have recently updated my website & you can now book online for a Naturopathic consultation!  I am encouraging people to book Wednesdays first and them am happy to organise other days if this is not suitable.

Have a great week!

Janelle Twine.