My favourite word of all time... LONGEVITY.  I love everything about this word. The positive frame it shapes around ageing, the possibilities, the cultural discoveries, the joy, the connection, the ease, the daily habits, the self awareness - it all lights me up. So let me shine some light on how you can enhance your longevity.


Longevity simply means - a long duration of individual life.

I notice a lot of people have hang ups around the word ageing.  There is fear attached to another birthday, another year.  I don't feel the same way and I'm really proud of that.  Each year brings more lessons, more connection, more discoveries, more opportunities. There is so much to discover and learn on this planet.  Over the year I have become equipped with oodles of tools on how to support my body and mind, nourish my hormones and focus on the things that are important for healthy ageing.  If I need to shift gears because I'm noticing changes in my body - I can.  I want you to either develop or enhance your own personal awareness around longevity, leaning on me as a guide and support.

The above pic was taken recently on day 4 of the Seeds Of Health fasting retreat at Mossman Gorge. We had been fasting for 3 full days and I felt amazing.  My body always slips into a place of ease when fasting - less work to do and therefore more time for regeneration and repair (the next fasting retreat is September 12-16th, 2018 so keep your eyes peeled!)

Here are some hot tips to assist you with your LONGEVITY...

  • Fast!  If fasting for a day or more scares you then try intermittent fasting - Have an early dinner then hydrate and skip breakfast, being prepared to munch of something wholesome and packed with nutrition at brunch/lunch.  Fasting repairs your DNA - can you believe that?!  Longer fasts give you faster results - this September (12-16th) there is another fully supported fasting retreat coming up!  Or reach out for guidance prior to that, to fast at home.
  • Hydrate.  Good quality water is a must here.  If you are hydrating yet filling your system with chlorinated and fluoridated water then it's creating extra work for your body.  Find some spring water in your area or purchase a Zazen water filter - I personally love mine!  Have used it for 3.5 years now.
  • Support stress within your body. Exercise is a great way to counteract and release stress (move your body in a way you love...me personally - hiking, yoga & swimming).  Herbs are another great way to support your body through times of stress.  Superfeast herbs are something I use daily to tonify and support my system, in hot drinks or smoothies, however through a Naturopath consultation I can refine the exact ones that you need in a variety of forms.  An iridology assessment (picture of your iris) assists me with this understanding. A liver cleanse blend could be the place to start?!  Floating is another beautiful way to surrender & give back to yourself when feeling stressed.  If you are a first time user remember to make the most of my coupon code!  Or for your own at home remedy - meditate!  Stress ageing the body faster than anything else.  Meditation is a free, at-your-fingertips tool that can reverse this ageing and combat your stress.  Deepak is holding another FREE 21 day mediation challenge on March 19th, so make sure you sign up!  
  • Eat plants!  Upping your plants - VEGETABLES AND FRUITS - definitely enhances longevity.  Adding enzymes, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, life force, hydration, trace minerals, antioxidants, etc to your system to repair your cells.  My social media channels hopefully provide inspiration for you here or my blog has recipes on it.  During a Naturopathic consultation the recipes, links & inspiration are more specific for you as an individual.
  • Tibetan Rites - these 5 exercises are known as the Fountain Of Youth.  I wrote a blog post about them a few years back.  The perfect tune up for your endocrine system each day.
  • Reducing and eliminating chemicals in your lifestyle. This is an enormous topic which I am super passionate about so perhaps another blog post needs to be created?  I have been chipping away at this in my own lifestyle for years.  Constantly upgrading my choices and switching to cleaner options for my body and the Earth.  For now I'll just list some of the alternatives I can support you with - chemical free menstrual cups and pads, chemical free beauty, perfume and cleaning products.  There is a whole chapter about Conscious Living (Chemical free living) in my Nurturing 9 ebook which you can download via my shop or on Amazon for your kindle.  Comment below or shoot me an email if you are wanting personalised support around this change to a chemical free lifestyle.  My Kitchen Detox packages are a great wholistic way to kick this change off!  Otherwise, a gathering with other women to discuss any of these topics is a beautiful way to spend the arvo - I love bringing people together to enhance their wellness.

Having others to share JOY with or lean on is ridiculously underestimated.  COMMUNITY is where it's at.  Coming together to share, laugh, cry, talk, inspire and be with is missing in our fast paced, online world.  Don't forget your neighbours.  The Blue Zones of the world - where the centenarians - thrive are fully aware of this concept.  I find the Blue Zones inspiring!  It's not all about how many carrots you eat, okay?!

Janelle x

Hemp seed milk

A dairy free milk alternative

This one is super easy:

Hemp milk is a new discovery for me! I recently served it at my Alkaline food workshop. Hemp seeds are amazingly healthful.  Omega 3, 6 & 9. Full of protein & make a delicious dairy free milk. Here is the recipe:
1/2 cup hemp seeds (available from health food shops)
2 cups filtered water
1 tsp coconut nectar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Blend & strain through a milk bag if desired.
Use to soak muesli, in smoothies, in hot drinks, in raw desserts, etc.

The Best Dairy-Free Alternatives (…And A Free Recipe)

From the cow’s milk we pour on our morning breakfast to the butter that coats our toast, we learn from a young age that dairy products are a key component of a balanced diet. But with 1 in 20 adults experiencing some degree of lactose intolerance, its important to know what simple alternatives are available, from the grocery store shelf to the ingredients used in your recipes.

The low-down on lactose

Lactose intolerance occurs when our bodies aren’t fully able to digest lactose (or sugar) in milk. Even if a person isn’t lactose intolerant, they may have a negative reaction due to the whey and casein proteins found within dairy, which can lead to allergies, eczema, asthma, bloating and acne. Substitutes can help you feel lighter and less congested, easing these symptoms. After making the swap, many people (myself included!) happily discover an absence of the heavy white coating that usually sits on the tongue. 

How to lighten up

There's no need to give up anything when switching to dairy-free eating. That’s a light-bulb moment! Your favourite treats - milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt and icecream – can be easily replicated in all their delicious dairy-less glory. My general recommendation is to try a variety of dairy alternatives. Calcium, minerals, protein and vitamin-D can be found in a stack of foods. 

What alternatives?

To make the switch a little easier for you, I’ve been busily creating a simple dairy-free product guide to assist with shopping and cooking. I’ve written this out for clients in messy handwriting more times than I can count. Now, I can save my hands (and your eyes) a little work as it will be in neat, downloadable form. The guides (there is a wheat-free one too) include substitute recommendations like coconut and cashews, as well as ways to use them to recreate your favourite dishes. I’m really excited to be sharing this with you very, very soon! Watch out for my new e-shop with more goodies too.

RECIPE: Simple Vegan Cream

This is one of my all-time favourite dairy-free indulgences. It’s full of healthy fats and is great for your arteries, as it uses no animal products. Cashews form the base of the icecream. These kidney-shaped nuts have a high copper content, which is a co-factor to producing SOH (superoxide dismutase), important in energy production, tissue integrity and antioxidant defenses. It’s sweetened by pure maple syrup and vanilla. Maple syrup is a wholefood sweetener packed with minerals. Vanilla has aphrodisiac properties along with small amounts of B vitamins, calcium, iron, and zinc, among other minerals. See what I mean about not missing out on your vitamins and minerals? 


1/2 Cup of Cashews (soaked, for 2-4 hours)

1/4 Cup Filtered Water/Rice Milk/Almond Milk (Depending on thickness)

1 Tbsp Maple Syrup

1 Tsp Natural Vanilla Extract

Method: Blend everything together until smooth, thick and creamy. Serve with or as a dessert.

AMAZING salads

So Christmas Day & Boxing Day are well past, but I have been having too much fun with family and friends to post recipes until now.  

The salads I enjoyed with my family on Christmas Day & Boxing Day are worth sharing...they were delicious!  I have written all the details below for the 4 salads enjoyed on Boxing Day & will happily share more ideas from Christmas Day if you let me know that you would like more, in the comments below.  These 4 will give you a cracker start!  But first...

It's now 2015...have you had time to sit down & really think about what you would like to achieve?...Have you given yourself time to just sit, feel, think and breathe about what you would like to create, enjoy, accomplish and experience this year?  Either in your business, life, or both?  The tool that has really helped me this year, asking all the right questions is Leonie Dawson's Create Your Shining Year workbook.  


CHICKPEA & GOJI BERRY SALAD (Salad captured bottom left in the above photo)

2/3 cup slivered almonds

400g can organic chickpeas, drained & rinsed

300g orange or mandarin segments

2/3 cup dried goji berries

1 small red onion, diced

1 clove garlic, minced

2.5cm piece fresh ginger, minced

1 small red chilli, seeded & diced

1 cup parsley, chopped

125g feta cheese (organic goats would be best - & yummiest - if you can)

1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 1/2 tbsp olive oil

Fresh ground black pepper to taste


1. Toast almonds in frying pan over medium heat, until golden brown, for about 4 minutes, stirring often.

2. Combine all ingredients in large bowl.  Store in refrigerator for several hours before serving.  (Serves 4).


PEACH & STRAWBERRY (CHICKEN) SALAD (Salad captured bottom right in the above picture)

Now, this recipe has chicken in it & we made it with organic chicken, however, I just picked it out & feel it would be a delicious salad without the chicken.  You could also use Butter Beans, which I think would be delicious, or perhaps marinated tempeh.  Yum!

150g mesclun lettuce

2 organic chicken breasts pan fried & diced (optional) - Butter Beans or organic marinated tempeh

250g punnet strawberries, washed and sliced in half

1 avocado peeled & sliced

2 peaches, seeded & cut in to thin wedges

1/3 cup macadamias


1/4 cup olive oil

2 tbsp raspberry vinegar

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard


1. Pan fry chicken breast & slice (optional ingredient like Butter Beans or organic marinated tempeh)

2. Combine mesclun, chicken (optional), stawberries, avocado, peach & macadamias

3. Dressing: In a small jar whisk all ingredients together & pour over salad just before serving. (Serves 4).


4C SALAD (Orange coloured salad captured in the above photo)

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1 cup raw cashew nuts

2 tsp ground coriander

2 tbsp oil

4 carrots

1/4 cup lemon dressing (1/2 cup oil, 2 cloves garlic, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 cup lemon juice)

3 tbsp honey or date puree (dates & a dash of water)

1 tbsp black sesame seeds

1/2 cup coriander freshly chopped


1. In bowl combine coconut, cashews, ground coriander, oil and mix.

2. Pour onto an oven tray and bake at 150 degrees for 10mins or until just brown.

3. Grate carrots.

4. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix gently.

NICOISE SALAD (Captured in the above photo)

12 small new potatoes (washed & boiled)

150g baby spinach

1 cup halved cherry tomatoes

200g green beans, trimmed & blanched

400g can tuna in brine (you can choose more ethical tuna options at health food stores)

8 pitted black olives

1/3 cup basil leaves

4 hard boiled eggs, peeled & quartered


1/4 cup soya mayo (available from health food section of supermarket or health food shops)

1 tbsp dijon mustard

2 tsp lemon juice


1. Boil eggs then cool (boil for 8mins & then place them in cold water straight away after boiling them)

2. Steam beans for a few minutes (then place in cold water straight away to make them crispy)

3. Boil potatoes in saucepan for 10-20mins, or until cooked.  Drain.

4. Combine spinach, tomatoes, beans and potatoes in a large serving bowl.

5. Flake tuna over the top & scatter with olives, basil & eggs.

6. Combine mayo, mustard & lemon juice & drizzle over the salad.  Season with pepper.  (Serves 4-6).

**  We omitted the potatoes in this salad because we had roasted some organic white potatoes & sweet potatoes with rosemary & served them separately, as we were feeding a lot of people on Boxing Day.  This salad is perfect to serve alone, for lunch of dinner, as it is very filling.   


So...with all of these delicious new salads at your finger tips, why not make it your mission to try a new one each week?  That is one of my new years resolutions - to make one new recipe each week.  I have so many fabulous recipes at my finger tips yet I find time skips by & I don't get to making all that I would like.  So, this year I plan to make one new recipe each week - by the end of the year I will have tried 52 new recipes!  I also endeavour to trust myself more, this is a big one for me, in many facets of my life. 

What New Year's resolutions do you have?  Let me know in the comments below, I would love to have you share your New Year resolutions (with me & the Seeds Of Health community), in order to keep each other accountable.  I would also love to hear from you when you try one of the above salads!  

Happy New Year to you all!

It's going to be an amazing 2015...I can feel it!  I'm so excited for what lay ahead this year.  


Food Matters Live Screening

Happy Wednesday readers 

I just wanted to make you aware of a fabulous FREE screening of numerous health and related documentaries available for the next 4 days.  You may have seen my post about it on Facebook 6 days ago.  It is apart of the Food Matters website.  Have you seen the Food Matters documentary?


This documentary alone is such a helpful place to start – a tool to help plant the right seeds.  It is a documentary that the owners of Food Matters first pulled together.  It was such a success that a whole movement has followed.  The documentary gives you a really fabulous understanding of how food DOES matter “You are what you eat”.  How it impacts our health and how we can be CONSCIOUS of our choices, with lots of interviews by leading experts in the field.  I also find it provides a great way to ‘teach’ others and give them a sound understanding without having to give them a lecture they may not want to hear – give them a copy of the film or notify them of this FREE offer.  I often lend out my copy to clients to watch if you are not able to buy a copy.  I currently have a Hungry Food Change DVD to give away also…let me have a think about that give away!  I’ll notify you on Facebook – so come on over and join the Seeds Of Health community!

However, there is more to it than the next 4 days…you are able to subscribe to FMTV here (Food Matters TV) for $8/month or $80 for the year and have access to a whole scope of DVD’s (some you can’t find elsewhere), plus recipes and yoga and exercise videos to get you moving at home if you can’t make it to a class because of kids, or other reasons.  Online versions suit some people but not all I realise.  It’s often nice to buy the hard copy and get a bunch of family or like minded friends together, make some healthy snacks and make an evening of it with ‘juicy’ discussions to follow.  Check out the shop here or I can do a bulk order if you know of a group that would benefit.

The reason I’m letting you know about this fabulous resource is because I stumbled upon it when I was enjoying one of the free documentaries (that are only available till Nov 4th!).  I felt that I had to share!  The topics and documentaries shared and discussed come from all angles – so I feel you can, in time, make your own educated decision, along with guidance from qualified professionals like myself if you have questions arise and feel you need support.  You are also able to enjoy other short videos online, available for free all year round, including TED talks, humorous health snippets, videos on waste, the flu shot, additives, benefits of meditation, etc – all available here.

As I mentioned there is only 4 days left to enjoy Q&A sessions with the makers of the films and the films themselves for free here.  I have managed to watch a few over the weekend and of an evening – enjoying the reminders, stories, reflections, lessons and sharing with those around me.  I love the diversity of the films!   One that I missed and am eager to watch is called Love Bomb.  The link to the synopsis is here.  This quote will give you a taste –

“If we were all committed to loving, like radically committed to loving, the world would be completely different, the world would shift.” Kate Blackson

Watching these DVD’s will broaden your mind!  Share them with friends and family and friends of friends.  Pass the message on if you feel it’s worth sharing! …I do!  The choices are endless, the empowerment is rich and you certainly become more conscious of the choices you make (one of my major aims at Seeds Of Health)!

Keep in mind to make changes step by step, bit by bit – not all at once.  Develop a foundation to build on, which i can help you with.  I am here to guide you when you have questions surrounding the myths, tricks, contradictions, alternatives, etc.  Keep in mind I offer the following services:

  • Setting up a clean food plan for the fortnight;
  • Clean out your panty and fridge to start over with a clean slate – remember I offer Pantry Clean Outs – where I come to your home and discuss the contents of your kitchen and home (eg. laundry, bathroom, etc) and discuss what to keep and throw out and WHY.  Most importantly I discuss alternatives and what to replace with and how to store things, what to buy and cook as alternatives.  Read more here on my services page.
                                               Does your pantry look like this? Ingredients that you may not be aware of that are harming your health?

                                               Does your pantry look like this? Ingredients that you may not be aware of that are harming your health?


  • Have a follow up consultation (or refer a friend or family member for an initial consultation) with a clear intention about what you want to heal or improve (or both! :).  I can also help you to decipher what your intention needs to be;
  • Have a BARS session  to clear subconscious thoughts patterns that no longer serve you around food or everyday choices you are making in your home, work or lifestyle that are holding you back from achieving a healthy, well balanced lifestyle full of happiness and vitality!;
  • If you feel you know what the alternatives are but don’t know what to cook then call me and let’s organise a food workshop – either privately or with a group of friends.  A lot of the topics that I cover are listed on my website here 
  • Do you have a celebration coming up and want something delicious and fun to contribute to the party?!  Then research raw cakes and make one yourself for the first time or contact me and I can make you one for your celebration!;
  • Lastly, if you are familiar with the Food Matters crew and have watched some of their DVD’s over the years or have been to doing your own research and making changes to your home and diet, but still questioning why you are feeling low in energy, or can’t put a finger on something, perhaps we need to conduct a hair analysis test to clarify?  A hair analysis tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, moulds, parasites, electro magnetic radiation (EMR) and heavy metal toxicity – a combination or only one may be affecting your health and slowing down your progress to wellness.  Let’s work together on this one.

I hope you enjoy the films and resources on the Food Matters website!  Remember that I am here to guide and help you on your journey to wellness.  I look forward to your comments regarding the films you’ve seen, enjoyed, felt challenged by, resources you loved, etc.  There is so much to learn and share on this journey to wellness.  We just need to plant the seeds, which we wish to grow 


Please note: I receive no income from recommending Food Matters – I simply want to share this wonderful resource that we all have access to online!

Overfed & Undernourished

Meat…should we eat it?

It’s a hot topic!

Last Friday night I was part of a Q&A panel at the end of a fabulous movie called Overfed & Undernourished.  The movie was a documentary about a boy called Liam who was clearly Overfed & Undernourished.  Sadly a true depiction of many children in today’s society.  An example of his state of health was he had trouble walking up a grassy hill without wheezing and stopping for a breather, due to his sedentary lifestyle.  Together Liam and his dad decided that it would be best to send him off to his Aunty and Uncle’s place on the Gold Coast as they lived quite a different active and healthy lifestyle that would provide Liam with the opportunity to get back on track with his health.  This was an intense and challenging 3 months that changed Liam’s life for the better.

Following the movie I was asked, along with 2 other individuals within the health and wellness field to answer questions from the audience about health.  One of the questions was about meat and how much should we eat?  This was an interesting and fabulous question, yet at the time didn’t give myself the opportunity to expand as much as I would have liked, so I thought I would use this forum – my blog – to do so.

My philosophy within Seeds Of Health is to increase our plant based food intake.  This can be done through fresh juices, smoothies, salads, soups, whole food dips, steamed vegetables, exchanging a meat curry for a delicious Dahl (a lentil curry – ask me for a recipe if you want one!), etc.  It’s often about swapping A for B.  Which I can help with!  Let’s add in so much good food, that it just naturally crowds out the bad, rather than depriving ourselves of certain foods.

Generally speaking, we all have some form of inflammation within our body, however to what extent varies depending on the individual.  Do you have signs of headaches, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (changing between diarrhoea and constipation), stiff joints, achey joints, sore back, irregular hormones illustrated through PMS or painful, varying cycle lengths (for the ladies!)?, gout, anemia, a fungal infection under your toenail, etc.  All of these symptoms are signs of inflammation and imbalance within the body.  By increasing the foods which provide ‘light’ (from the sun – plant based foods) into our bodies, our body is able to heal, repair and bring itself back to balance.  The moment we start eating too much processed, heavy, dense, dark and dead food (that is not grown with sunlight and living nutrients) our body has to work very hard to break it down and process it.  If it is foreign (ie. the body doesn’t recognise it as food because it was made in a lab with numbers and preservatives, etc) our immune system goes on high alert to protect our body from the ‘invader’.  Doing this constantly this wears out our body.

Animal products (namely meat and dairy – yogurt, cheese, ice cream, cream, milk, chocolate) cause a ‘stickiness’ and clogging of our arteries, not to mention the non-organic matter that is entering our bodies like steroids and hormones in meat and dairy as well as horrific ingredients like anti-freeze and leather cleaner found in ice cream.  It is so important for these reasons that if you do choose to eat animal products that they are free range/organic/bio-dynamic/happy animals that they themselves live a natural existence where they are able to roam and eat their natural diet.

By increasing plant based foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds (quinoa, chia, hemp, linseed/flaxseed), legumes, lentils, etc and finding replacements for the everyday consumer items (listed below) our body is able to clean the colon and arteries and repair, reaping the benefits from there – more energy, better digestion, clearer mind, more motivation, weight loss, etc.


  • Exchange cows milk for – almond milk, rice milk, Bonsoy milk (a better brand of soy milk that is non GMO), oat milk, coconut milk, hemp seed milk, coconut water (fabulous base for smoothies).
  • Exchange processed wheat bread for – sourdough rye or spelt bread (the less ingredients listed the better!), Essene bread, homemade spelt crepes, rice cakes, mountain bread wraps, sushi nori rolls, rice papers, etc
  • Exchange traditional ice cream for – whole food smoothie (frozen banana, cacao and almond milk!), coconut ice cream (available at health food stores), home made ice cream using whole food organic dairy ingredients, home made icey poles using 100% frozen fruit blended with a paddle pop stick great recipes here.
  • Exchange traditional Cadburys dairy milk chocolate for raw chocolate 

So after providing some background information let’s get back to the question.  How much meat should we eat?

As you can no doubt gather from the above information it is more about assessing where your body is at and letting it heal and repair – which in turn increases vitality.  Individually we will consider what food is right for your body and most importantly quality of the food you choose to eat – be it animal products or not.  It is a very individual assessment depending on your state of health.  Using iridology and questioning I assess your current state of health during a Naturopathic consultation.  Please contact me if you feel it is time for an assessment of your body.

The AIM is to increase your plant based foods and know exactly what you are putting in to your body (reading every label! and ideally not buying foods with labels).

A great resource to get started with whole foods is The Real Food Chef or The Real Food Kitchen.  I was selling these at the movie premiere, last Friday night.  I truly believe, aside from the endless blogs online that this recipe book provides not only mouth watering recipes that are functional for the family (both meat based and vegetarian) but opens your mind up as to how to increase your plant based foods with every meal you eat.  I stock these recipes books and am happy for you to phone or email me to collect your copy.  The authors Dr Libby Weaver and Chef Cynthia Louise are profound in their knowledge of nutrition and plant based foods.  I personally have worked alongside Chef Cynthia Louise and cannot speak highly enough about what she has to offer.  Dr Libby Weaver is a woman of such strength that acknowledge an epidemic of Rushing Women’s Syndrome – women packing more and more into their lives without stopping to nourish and realise what their body needs.  Together, both of these women turn the everyday meal like sheppard’s pie or caramel slice in to something that is so jam packed with vitamins and minerals, your body will be thanking you for it and your tastebuds will be singing!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below what your opinion is of the above information and what journey of health you have been on?  Do you agree or disagree with the above information?  Did you see the screening of Overfed & Undernourished?  What was your opinion of the movie?

I look forward to chatting to you in the comments below.

Signing off with kale kisses,


What is real food?

Happy Friday readers!

Earlier in the year I spoke at the Future of Food convention in Brisbane.  I discussed 3 main topics:

  • What is real food?
  • What is lurking in your food that isn’t REAL?
  • Voting with your wallet.

So…what is REAL FOOD?

REAL FOOD is food grown by nature maintaining its vitality and nutrition.  It does not contain chemicals like additives and preservatives – it NOURISHES your body.  Cooked or not, it does not come in a can or packet with bonus numbers attached.

It is ESSENTIAL that you consider where your food comes from for optimum health. When you move away from nature it impacts on your immune system, digestive system and mind.

In order to boost your immune system, digestive system and mind even more so, ensure you are hydratingmoving your body, taking deep breaths, getting out in the sun, enjoying quality sleep & doing something you love. But for today, let us get back to the topic of REAL FOOD.

Firstly, I have a couple of questions for you:

Is it ADHD or the amount of PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS, COLOURS AND SWEETENERS in my child’s food?   Is it PMS or is it the food choices I’m making?  Ponder these questions for a moment – are you and your children eating REAL food?  If not, perhaps conduct your own little experiment and monitor both you and your child’s mood and behaviour after certain foods like sugar, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, bread, sauces, packaged dried fruit, fruit juice, cured meat or cereal to name a few.

Food greatly impacts on mood and behaviour!  These days children are all too quickly medicated for disruptive behaviours without considering the foods they are putting in their bodies.  Adults are often left wondering why their temper is so short and why they always feel so tired and irritable.  I love to work with children and adults to improve mood and behaviour through food choices.  Contact me for an appointment if you are needing support and guidance about how to improve you and your child’s mood and behaviour.

You may already know that food in a packet or a can is NOT real food, however sometimes we are time poor, feeling lazy or we are still learning about real food, so it helps to have knowledge and awareness around preservatives, additives, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners and the like in order to make an educated choice.  Knowing which ones to steer clear of is incredibly helpful!


  • Sodium benzoate and Potassium benzoate (211) – known to cause Leukemia, cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson’s disease, along with triggering allergies. Found in pickles, flour, margarine, fruit juices, beer, salad dressing, soy sauce, toothpastes, mouthwashes and medicine.
  • —Sodium sulfite (220) – effects include headaches, joint pain, heart palpitations, allergies and cancer.  Found in dried fruit, canned olives, corn syrup, vinegar & wine.
  • —Sodium nitrate (251) – worsen asthma and decrease lung function. Animal testing has proven high rates of cancer. Germany & Norway have banned this preservative. Used in curing meats such as ham, bacon, beef and sausage.
  • —BHA and BHT – synthetic antioxidants. The International Agency for Research on Cancer claims they carry carcinogenic properties linked to cancer and hormone disruption. Commonly appear in cereals, chewing gum, vegetable oil, potato chips, snack foods and meats.

ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (eg. Aspartame, Sucralose) result in a shrunken thymus, impaired immune system & enlargement of liver & kidneys. Scarey!

  • —The Sucralose Toxicity Information Center reports – skin rashes, flushes, panic like agitation, dizziness and numbness, diarrhea, swelling, muscle aches, headaches, intestinal cramping, bladder issues and stomach pain.  Sucralose destroys your digestive system.
  • —Aspartame alone creates over 92 different health side effects. It creates such chaos because it dissolves into solution and can therefore travel throughout the body and deposit in any tissue. When Aspartame is heated to 30 degrees it turns in to formic acid, formaldehyde and ethyl alcohol. Drinks containing aspartame can therefore be sold chilled and not pose a problem, however our internal body temperature is 36 degrees – this liquid soon becomes highly toxic and can cause numerous side effects to eyes, ears, neurologic, psychological, chest, gastrointestinal, skin allergies as well as our endocrine system, therefore creating hormonal disruptions. Sadly Aspartame poisoning is commonly misdiagnosed as MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, hypothyroidism to name a few.


  • —Brilliant blue (FD & C) – made from coal tar contain a high content of toxic substances such as mercury and fluoride which is found in coal.
  • —Gelatin (derived from collagen) – left over remains of dead animals hooves, skin, nose, eyes, bones, whatever is generally considered fit for human consumption. Sadly this goes through an intense process where the above is dipped in acid solution, washed, filtered and evaporated many times, drying, milling and then blended and packaged. Have you eaten a jelly lolly or protein bar lately??!

Today I haven’t even touched on meat and dairy, in relation to real food. I will need to write about this in a future post. If you do choose to eat either or both, please ensure it is organic or biodynamic. This is essential.

Albert Einstein once quoted:

“It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by it’s purely physical effect of the human temperament and intellect, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.”

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a few things to remember when shopping for real food.

  • Learn to work WITH nature – NOT against it.
  • —Eat seasonally. Supermarkets disconnect us from this and don’t always support the farmer.
  • —Eat what you grow, where you can.
  • —Get to the market and get to know your farmer – the person who grew your food.
  • —Vote with your wallet – if you choose not to grow your own food you are supporting someone else to do it for you.  Consider who that person is. We are supporting their practices and will continue to do so as long as they have the financial means to do so. Consider who you are voting for with every dollar you spend.

I hope to see you at the market this weekend asking lots of questions of the stall holders, about where your food comes from.  I know I do!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Is your toxic pantry preventing progress?

What is a pantry clean out?

Pantry clean outs are a service that I offer at Seeds Of Health, in which I am really excited to offer, and would like to explain in greater detail.  I believe it is one of the most helpful tools to get you on track AND keep you on track, when you change your eating habits.


A change of ‘diet’ or way of eating may have been forced upon you due to current health concerns that you are experiencing, or wanting to heal?  Or, perhaps you are simply wanting to change your way of eating, due to your own learning and research.  Either way, if you have tempting or toxic foods lurking in your pantry or fridge it will be hindering your success!  No one wants that when they are determined to heal their gut, lose that excess weight, eliminate their child’s ADHD, improve their diabetic concerns, sort out their PMS and even heal their cancer.  Yes, that’s right, all of these conditions (which are just a short list) can all be improved by changing your diet which in turn compliments your healthy lifestyle choices.

Pantry clean outs require me to come in to your home, assess the current contents of your pantry and fridge, with no judgement and then sit down and have a discussion about:

  • what items need to go and why by going through individual products in detail – I find this education a very powerful tool;
  • which alternatives to buy that are not toxic;
  • what routines you need to establish in your kitchen to create ease with your preparation and cooking; and
  • which systems we need to put in place to succeed.

Sound good?  Sauces, salads dressings, canned foods, packets, labels, argghh…!  It can all get very confusing.  This is where I can help to clarify what to look for on a label, where to shop, what is VERY important to avoid and where can allowances be made.  This support is essential when beginning, refining and continuing your journey of health in order to SUCCEED!

Do you answer yes to the following questions below?

  • Are you unsure of what is in those packets in your cupboard?
  • Are you unsure of what to replace these packet and canned foods with?
  • Do you believe you are eating well but unsure of why you are not getting better?
  • Are you stuck and unsure of how to make the change to a healthier and more conscious way of eating?

Then, it is definitely time to organise a pantry clean out!

Your next thought may be…what do I do with all of these new ingredients?!   This is my favourite part!  I can discuss recipes, menu ideas, time savers and more.  Perhaps even put together a food plan for yourself and your family, if that is what you require.

Together we can bust those food myths that are confusing you and keeping you from making the progress you really want, in order to be beaming with vitality!  Contact me today to organise your pantry clean out, or perhaps you know a friend or family member that would greatly benefit from a home visit like this?

If you have previously been through this type of clean out in your home let me know below in the comments what you found challenging, easy or useful and let your friends know, if you feel they will benefit from such a service.

Together, we can work, to create success with your health and a family full of vitality!