Wellness Alchemy Retreats


Let’s transform together

Preferably while sitting beneath palm trees.

I decided to start running retreats 6 years ago because I wholeheartedly believe that COMMUNITY is where it’s at. After working at 3 of them varying from 7-30 days I watched the transformation take place of the participants. When it comes to wellness, having others to share JOY with or lean on is ridiculously underestimated, it's not all about how many carrots you eat!

Wellness Alchemy Retreats are the ultimate way to dive deeper into your wellbeing journey, to commit to undertaking a holistic transformation and catalyse true, lasting change.

Whether you’re in need of time out to rest and recharge, seeking weight loss or looking to heal deeper issues - Wellness Alchemy retreats allow space for whatever you need to arise. The impact of these retreats also address factors you may not have considered are impacting your wellbeing.

Because no matter how much HIIT, kombucha and leafy greens you pack into your schedule, if you’re not addressing all facets of your wellbeing, you won’t see deep, lasting change.

A cornerstone of the Wellness Alchemy retreats is the opportunity to partake in a fasting cleanse. This process, while potentially challenging for some, is transformational on multiple levels. In addition to facilitating optimum digestion and skin health, many find they observe an ‘emotional cleanse’ as part of the process as well. When you take food away, things come up – and in a supportive, nurturing environment, this can be the catalyst for an immense release.

Are you ready to feel lighter, brighter and more joyful in your everyday?


Immerse yourself in a supportive, joyful community of like-minded souls as we explore holistic wellness at a deeper level. You’ll emerge with the tools for real, lasting change.

There’ll be an abundance of nature, delicious plant-based meals, poolside hangs, connection & empowerment.

While some aspects of the retreat experience may be slightly challenging for some people (if it’s your first fasting experience don’t worry, there will very likely be others in the same boat!), essentially it’s all about switching off, tuning out and feeling JOY. You’ll enjoy massages, swims in our saltwater pool, time in the sun connecting with like-minded people, doco evenings, and time to do whatever you please – whether that be reading, exploring nearby waterholes, or nipping off for a cheeky afternoon nap. Ultimately?

Basically, time to unwind, unfurl and settle back into that sweet spot you’ve been missing.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Back to Nature

Rest, Restore & Rejuvenate with our 5 Day Juice Fast & Wellbeing Retreat

  • April 15th-19th 2019

  • With Janelle & Shen

  • Montville, Sunshine Coast

Transformational Juice Cleanse

Relax in the rainforest

  • September 4th-8th 2019

  • With Janelle

  • Mossman, Far North Queensland

“I am feeling fantastic. Light, energetic and strong. At aqua fit yesterday I had more energy than ever and felt very strong, which is surprising to me as I always thought I needed food to feel that. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Thanks again for a really wonderful experience”

- Loraine.