can be beneficial for…

Poor sleep . Depression . Anxiety . ADHD . OCD . Insecurities . Phobias . Feeling stuck & unsure of direction . 

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Is there anything holding you back from living your life to the fullest?

Perhaps you feel stuck in old habits; fear what people think of you; feel angry/anxious/bitter - whatever it is know that the solution can be very, very simple.

A BARS treatment supports the whole person including body, mind and soul, creating many beneficial effects. It is an incredibly nurturing and transformational experience that allows healing to go beyond the physical form.

While you lie and relax a series of points (or BARS) on your head are lightly touched in connection with one another. As these BARS are activated those redundant memories, which hold the limiting thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious, are released from your body and replaced with space and ease.

All issues, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears - anything that holds you back from being the best you can be - are dealt with in one BARS treatment that will change your life forever.

My BARS treatments are held face to face in Cairns. A pre treatment meeting can be held via Skype anywhere in the world. Results are immediate and life changing.

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