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EMF safe products - Earthing Oz


There are a number of products that I have tried and read extensively about. I recommend these to clients who use mobile phones and laptops a lot or work in a heavy electricity environment or travel a lot.  Some of the products I recommend getting are:

- Grounding mats (these are amazing for staying grounding while working on a laptop or computer)

- Blueshield products (these are fabulous for keeping in your pocket or wearing while travelling to prevent the body from excessive wifi, phones, radiation & xrays while travelling, etc)

- Mobile phone cases (I love mine as I am able to hold my phone to my ear, when I can't have it on speaker, and know that I am not frying my brain)

- Laptop SafeSleeve (This is a lifesaver if you travel with your laptop or work at cafes, etc and want to protect your body from the EMF's and radiation of your laptop)

I find these products and more so helpful for keeping our nervous system from firing overtime. Our body's are dealing with a lot these days due to our environment, stress (both internal and external), wifi everywhere, mobile phones, laptops, fluorescent lights, etc.  Not enough time in nature to ground us and allow a healthy circadian rhythm.  

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