Norwex Products


Norwex Products


Seeds of Health also supply Norwex Products. Contact Janelle for more information.

The Norwex product line provides you with an excellent selection of high quality products that flow with our mission of improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. When you use Norwex products you will save time and money and reap the benefits of an indoor and outdoor atmosphere that is better for your health and better for the environment.

Think globally and act locally to partner in efforts to reduce the ecological footprint we are leaving on our planet and support conservation. Help create a legacy for generations to come by using and sharing the Norwex products and purpose.

You can buy these products individually or purchase them with your own wholesale account.  Please email or phone me for further details.  Or have a further read here:

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Some items that are for sale include:

  • Car mit cleaner
  • Window cleaning cloth
  • Kitchen cloth
  • Enviro cloth for everyday use - great for your hand bag
  • Body cloth - great for the shower
  • Broom & Mop - an easy way to clean the floor - keeping the fun in cleaning!
  • Dust mit

Please ask for further product details!  I have personally loved using the broom, mop, dust mit and car cleaner for years!  It has saved me so much time!  I am beginning to broaden my collection and currently loving the window cleaning cloth and kitchen cloth.  Easy to use and wash.