The general, reproductive and emotional wellbeing of women is the backbone of the earth. With this understanding, Janelle empowers her clients to find simple solutions to overcome limiting habits and beliefs that will restore vital health and inner balance. It's a deeply fulfilling and nourished life that can effect permanent, transformative change.


No only are there a variety of Naturopathic services available, Janelle also offers kitchen detox packages to ensure you feel supported on your health journey.  Do you need guidance at the supermarket reading labels or knowing which stalls to shop at at the market?  Detox packages are available here.


*Updated prices will be effective as of May 1st 2018.


Naturopathic Session

is beneficial for...

Digestive issues & bloating

Heart burn & other reflux issues

Irregular menstruation & hormone issues


Problems sleeping

Chronic Pain & illness

Weight related issues

Depression & other challenges with mood

Addictions, including sugar & alcohol

Feeling flat, having trouble with digestion or sleep, even irregular menstruation? Are you unsure about what food choices to make in your diet? Or could benefit from a structured meal plan? Whatever it is, know that the solution can be very, very simple.

During your initial naturopathic session I will ask a lot of questions about your health history, as well as look at your presenting signs and symptoms. I will complement this with the use of iridology (examination of your iris) and phytomedicine (the preparation of medicinal herbs). By combining these modalities in such a way, I will be able to advise you on your best path to a happy and healthful you.

My naturopathic sessions are held face to face in Cairns or via Skype anywhere in the world. Structured plans or tinctures are given as required, so you can be on your way to your best health.


Herbal Tinctures & supplements

are beneficial for...

Accelerating healing

Assisting the body in cleansing toxins

Improving immunity

Maintaining general wellness

Reducing the side effects of medications or treatments


Pain reduction

Problems sleeping

Used synergistically with other herbs

Is your body going through some serious changes? And your not feeling at the top of your game? Know that during periods of change and detoxification you may feel worse before you feel better. This is apart of the great journey to health and I will share with you the foods and tinctures that will support you along the way.

Herbal tinctures are so incredibly powerful, intriguing and multifaceted both singularly and paired with other herbs. They are your best friend and will support the body through change and repair.  To ensure your tincture is nothing short of supportive I choose to use Nutrition Care Herbal Tinctures, which are preserved in pear juice, eliminating the use of alcohol and it’s nasty impact on the liver.

My herbal tincture evaluation sessions are held face to face in Cairns or via Skype anywhere in the world. My tinctures will reach you safely via mail, so there are no limitations for your potential in reaching awesome.



Hair Analysis

will successfully reveal...

Metal toxicity





Food interactions


Post virus 



When you really just need to get to the light at the end of the health woes tunnel, a hair analysis will provide the insight to conclude the struggle.

The extra information that is needed to overcome complex health issues is easily gained through hair analysis. It is a non-invasive pathology test that measures the levels of nutrients and toxic minerals found in hair, acting as a powerful tool in revealing where the body is out of balance. 

Many health conditions are aggravated by mineral imbalances, toxic metal excesses or an underlying yeast overgrowth.  Condition including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraines, learning difficulties and hyperactivity in children are just some of these.

My hair analysis sessions are held face to face in Cairns, to collect the correct hair sample required for testing, otherwise a sample can be organised via postage with specific instructions.



can be beneficial for…

Poor sleep







Feeling stuck & unsure of direction

Is there anything holding you back from living your life to the fullest?

Perhaps you feel stuck in old habits; fear what people think of you; feel angry/anxious/bitter - whatever it is know that the solution can be very, very simple.

A BARS treatment supports the whole person including body, mind and soul, creating many beneficial effects. It is an incredibly nurturing and transformational experience that allows healing to go beyond the physical form.

While you lie and relax a series of points (or BARS) on your head are lightly touched in connection with one another. As these BARS are activated those redundant memories, which hold the limiting thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious, are released from your body and replaced with space and ease.

All issues, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears - anything that holds you back from being the best you can be - are dealt with in one BARS treatment that will change your life forever.

My BARS treatments are held face to face in Cairns. A pre treatment meeting can be held via Skype anywhere in the world. Results are immediate and life changing.


After short notice, Janelle was able to help me with an “emergency” health issue to get my digestive system back on track, she also stayed in contact with me and continued to treat my condition from “abroad” and had me feeling super in no time. I benefited greatly from Janelle’s consultations as she strove to help me understand the problem and further my knowledge on my body and on basic “preventative maintenance” techniques, and avoidable nasties. I will continue to see Janelle as I have been feeling at my best since our appointments and am interested to find out any other “stuff” she can teach me.
— Glen

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Cancellation Policy.

A cancellation fee of $35 applies if you cancel your appointment within the 48 hours of your booking time. The full cost of a consultation is debited if you do not show up to your appointment. This is debited upon booking.