Wellness Alchemy

Revitalise your life through a Wellness Overhaul.

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Alchemy: Noun. A seemingly magical process of transformation.

It takes time, heart and perseverance to make positive lifestyle changes. For this reason, I crafted bespoke Wellness Alchemy Programs designed to address a 360-degree view of wellness – and instigate deep, lasting change - revitalising your life through a Wellness Overhaul.

I go to the gym! I drink green smoothies! But I’m still not glowing?!

…That’s exactly what this program is for! Finding what works for YOU and your lifestyle.

Joyful. Grounded. Whole.


  • Are you tired of saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘NO’?

  • Feeling tired?

  • Are you eating your salad and hitting the gym but somehow there’s still something missing? A missing link between how you feel and how you WANT to feel when you wake each morning.

  • Do you want to LOVE the woman in the mirror?


Your facilitator

Janelle Twine -

Qualified Naturopath/Herbalist + Teacher

Janelle’s journey has been long & windy with acne & eczema in her early days of teaching, which then lead her to study Naturopathy, expanding her mind while at the same time exploring emotional wellness as she found her way through a confusing long term relationship. This showed her how emotions are represented in the physical body. Her extensive fasting & meditation exploration has gifted her respect & fascination of the human mind & body.

Wellness Alchemy came about purely due to what Janelle, a qualified Naturopath, observed in her clinic over the last 8 years. She felt it too common for people to lose their way or focus on only one area of wellness, when we are in fact holistic beings. It also became clear to her that the clients who invest long-term in themselves and their health are the ones who see true, lasting change. In her clinic she noticed the most significant transformation when individuals commit to themselves for a minimum of 3 months.

Many women struggle with integrating the changes into their lifestyle. This integration is the most important part of a lifestyle change. The holistic support which Wellness Alchemy provides allows this integration to take place. You will be supported and held accountable as together we make changes around your diet, lifestyle, physical & mental health. We’ll face-off with the voice in your head so that she’s on your side again. We’ll also tune in to what your soul wants and needs - all the while reducing the chemicals in your life so your body can hum along with ease.

You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say.
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Revitalise with a Wellness Overhaul

Are you confused by where to start to get your whole health on track? Need guidance on multiple levels PLUS accountability to keep you on track?

Janelle is calling all women wanting to shed the habits & scratchy skin that no longer quite fits (like the dress you’ve been holding onto but you know you need to let go of). Those women ready to grab their health back with gusto! To make a commitment to themselves.

The truth seekers and empaths who want their VITALITY back. Who seek to tread lightly on the Earth. The work we’ll do together is more than skin-deep. Not only do we work through all elements of your physical health but we’ll also uncover what pushes your buttons and tugs at those heartstrings, making that soul of yours yearn to grow.


WHAT’S INCLUDED in your Wellness Alchemy Program?

We’ll work together weekly as I provide ongoing, targeted support to alchemise your health and allow you to uncover what being well actually feels like.

As Wellness Alchemy is a completely bespoke, tailored package, your initial goals and intentions, discussed with my guidance, will determine the direction and content of your program. However, below is an outline of what you can expect to receive:

  • Weekly 60-minute face to face calls

  • Unlimited support via email/Voxer/Whatsapp

  • Epic resources depending on your current needs such as a Supplement Protocol, Recipe Inspiration & Instruction, Meditations, Books, Podcasts, etc

  • Mentorship on how to simplify health (it’s not confusing!) & understanding what is most important

  • What food to eat & when, healthy daily habits & rituals

  • Detox when needed. Exploring an individualised cleanse for optimum digestion & radiating skin

  • Product awareness, so you know exactly what brands to trust

  • Adopting a low-tox lifestyle (we can’t be eating well & detoxing, yet putting chemicals in our hair, bodies & in our home!)  

  • Education around much more than the food and drink you are consuming - think energetic support and emotional awareness  

  • Hormone support, feminine hygiene & pleasure education

  • Support around three central pillars: Honouring Yourself, Joy & Boundaries. We’ll explore creating sustainable energetic boundaries, honouring the self (being able to put yourself & your health first, using your intuition), stripping back the layers to find the pure essence that every person has  


  • 3 month for $2,400

  • 6 month program also available

Still Unsure?


A free 30min phone call is offered initially to see if this investment in yourself is not only right for you but also assess if we are the right fit for each other. Following this an application is sent to you for us to get clear on your personalised Wellness Alchemy package before we begin.

You KNOW deep down it’s time to finally commit unabashedly and wholeheartedly to a new way of being – one that involves you stepping into your whole, embodied self – and you just need the perfect someone to hold your hand and cheer you on as you take flight.