Transformational Juice Cleanse

September 4th-8th 2019
Mossman, Far North Queensland

This retreat is a holistic upgrade for your health! It is designed to nourish, cleanse, connect and challenge you on so many levels. With education, pre & post care, fresh vibrant juices, rainforest setting, supportive community, morning rituals, goodie bags, enemas, education & more education!

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” 
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Juice Fasting Retreat

Juice fasting heals the body at a cellular level, with the potential to address all health concerns from small niggles to chronic concerns. 

My experience with fasting is extensive. Having done multiple fasts myself, both juice and water, plus having worked alongside Tyler Tolman supporting individuals on a 30 day fast, I feel absolutely confident that you are going to experience and receive a unique and fully supported fast. Here is a taster of my fasting journey in a nutshell to provide a little background on your facilitator.

The property it is hosted on is lush. Secluded. Tropical. Spacious. Absolutely perfect for fasting, relaxing, allowing, shifting, cleansing, letting go and rejuvenating.

Fasting retreat highlights

Costs all inclusive of the following:

  • 5 day retreat (including 3 full days of juice cleansing)

  • High vibrational food pre + post fasting

  • Insight into the internal processes while fasting

  • Massage by qualified practitioners

  • Yoga & Qi Gong 

  • Private Rainforest setting

  • Soak up sunshine by the salt water pool

  • Detailed workbook of the hows & why of fasting

  • Tools to prepare you for successful fasting

  • How to break a fast for optimum success

  • Fasting on more than a physical level

  • Dealing with emotions while fasting

  • Confidence to dive into future fasts

  • Luxurious accommodation

  • AMAZING goodie bag upon arrival, complete with your own enema kit

  • Space to relax and recharge

  • + so much more



A sample of what's in store for the 5 days...

Each day has 2x 2hr downtime sessions built in for your body to deeply cleanse & restore plus massages & clearings to heal & move forward with confidence & clarity around your health. 3 fresh juices are provided per day. Filtered water is supplied. 

  • Shared plant based food before and after the fast

  • Juicy information sessions to empower you with the whys and whats of fasting (what happens during fasting, detox, quality sleep, longevity, safety of fasting, how to enjoy fasting, dealing with emotions that are released during a fast, etc)

  • Freshly made juice, along with recipes

  • Chemical free beauty/bathroom product session

  • Massages facilitated by a qualified massage therapist

  • Individualised clearing sessions & kinesiology to deal with patterns & emotions that no longer serve you

  • Morning activation and yoga daily

  • An abundance of fabulous reading resources for your downtime

  • Interesting and inspiring docos to get your mind thinking

  • Community support with like minded individuals

  • Meditation

*NOTE: We kick off at 3pm on Wednesday 4th September & Finish at 12pm (midday) on Sunday 8th September. Transport & pick ups can certainly be arranged.


That squeaky clean feeling, post fast...

Myself at the end of my 21 day fast (3 days juice, 19 days water) in NSW, Australia.



All accommodation types are luxurious with a rainforest outlook, private or shared bathroom, communal space, a reading nook, outdoor areas, fruit trees to roam, salt water pool and flowing fresh water creek.  There will be lots of area for personal space to reflect and connect.

Various accommodation options are available.  All prices include everything listed above:

Spacious King/Queen Suites

$1800/$1700pp shared Spacious King/Queen Suites (OR I am offering the entire room for 1 person at $3300 King/$3200 Queen).


These lush rooms are perfect for a shared experience or luxurious solitude.

I am feeling fantastic. Light, energetic and strong. At aqua fit yesterday I had more energy than ever and felt very strong, which is surprising to me as I always thought I needed food to feel that. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Thanks again for a really wonderful experience - Loraine.

Single Bed in Twin room

$1500pp Single Bed in Twin room - shared room & shared ensuite for the 2 individuals in the room.

Single beds.jpg

Comfy rainforest views with ensuite

Comfortable Sofa Bed in Twin room

$1200pp Comfortable Sofa Bed in Twin room - shared bathroom


Surrounded by rainforest

Cancellation policy: Please be advised that if you choose to cancel your spot at the retreat you will be charged the full amount unless you are able to find a replacement for your spot.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances Janelle will use due discretion. It is advised that you purchase travel insurance for circumstances outside our control like the weather.

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