The Wellness Alchemist is for the change-seekers, the big-hearted, salt-of-the-earth souls among us.

The folk with playful spirits and lion-hearted souls - whose sparkle has somehow been dimmed along the way.

The women who want to feel their glowy best each and every day (although not all day, every day – because this isn’t a fairytale).

Who are ready to drop the shoulds, ditch the guilt, surrender the masks and find their way back to themselves.

Hi there, I’m Janelle.

I'm a traveller at heart, an eco-friendly seeker, a striving minimalist and a lover of working with (not against) nature.  

I offer holistic heath coaching + naturopath consultations.


My mission? Guiding women to back to their pure essence.

I‘ll remind you (and give you a gentle nudge, if needed) how to honour yourself
so that everything else falls into place.

Because I believe health is simple and true wellness goes hand-in-hand with JOY.

Go to the gym, they said. Eat your veggies, they said. Make that kale, they said.

So why aren’t I glowing yet?!

I hear you, lady. I’ve been there. I’ve spent 18 years exploring, researching and fine-tuning the holistic ecosystem of wellness that our human bodies crave.

And I know how it feels when you’re not there, yet (or even, er, quite sure where there is)…

You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.

  • Your mirror greets you with skin that definitely does not glow (well, without some serious help from a filter)

  • You’ve dutifully tried the 12-weeks-to-this and 8-steps-to-that – but the only place they got you was feeling all kinds of guilty (and hitting snooze more times than you need to admit here)

  • Smiling and saying ‘Yes’ has become your default mode, and somewhere along the way you’ve muted your soul’s call as she whispers, ‘NO, I don’t want to X’, ‘NO, you may not Y’. Because as women, we should always, always ‘be nice’… Right?

  • You keep busy with scrolling, racing here and there and doing, doing, doing because the rare moments of silence only allow that voice in your head to remind you what you should do, be, and all the ways she thinks you’re not enough.

I work with brave, big-hearted women just like you who are ready to set big, hairy, audacious goals – and poised to take flight via lasting change.

Women who…

  • Cradle a desire to cut the #$%@ when it comes to wellness. Who feel drawn to a minimalist approach to their wellbeing that’s at once simple and nuanced, intuitive and practical.

  • Yearn to heal their own particular ‘health speed bumps’ (whether that be skin conditions, anxiety and/or depression, digestion issues, fertility challenges) with a hefty dose of love, expertly tuned intuitive tweaks and a hearty serving of TLC from ours truly, mother nature

  • Know they don’t need to be ‘fixed’, changed or traded in for a better model. (A little polishing, maybe!)

  • Whose own unique trajectory of twists and turns has illuminated what they deserve – a life of simplicity, ease, balance, holistic health, radiance and joy – and who are finally ready to step into their feminine power and claim it.

I believe in; simplicity; achievable goals; plant-based nourishment; herbs as medicine; the power of mindset; long-term change.

Book a Wellness Consult

These one-on-one sessions can support you with everything from skin issues, digestive issues and gut health to anxiety and fertility challenges. Together we’ll draw on a number of modalities depending on your individual needs. Find out more or:

After working with me, it is my heartfelt mission that you’ll feel:

It’s my heartfelt mission that you’ll feel: Content in your skin; Lighter; Balanced; Radiant; Whole.

From my happy achievers:

Skin looks great! And I slept like a baby. But even more impressive… I woke early early full of energy and with my brain SO clear! Now remember I’m the cancer survivor and still on dopefying meds! So what could a healthy person achieve! Very exciting. Plus lost about 3inches from my waist! AND I am a small frame to start with so all that bloating is gone.
— Helen
I have been to see Janelle several times for general health enquiries. I was feeling run down, tired and generally unfit. I found her to be gentle and patient and gave me a good holistic plan for living and improving my wellbeing.
— Belinda

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