Think of me as your own personal wellness whisperer.  

I’ll work with the you you are right now, here, today – not the one who’ll have an hour a day to meditate once she finally kicks that Instagram habit, nor the one who’s going to start batch-cooking for the week ahead as soon as she can afford that weekly organic veggie box delivery.


I won’t make you follow my ‘12 steps’ and I definitely don’t have a ready-made formula. I’m all about getting to know YOU and taking it from there.

I’ll see you as a whole person, rounded and multifaceted with a job (or a business), friends, family to call back, deadlines to meet and texts to return.

I know your time is precious

Together, we’ll go all Marie Kondo on your wellness regimen, taking a less-is-more approach to strip back the shoulds and only ifs to craft a completely bespoke health system designed to fit you and your life. The result? Change that sticks and most importantly, ignites joy.


I work with women just like you who come to me to address a myriad of health issues, including digestion, skin conditions, insomnia, anxiety, weight loss and more.

And sometimes? They can’t put their finger on exactly what’s ‘wrong’ – they simply know that they feel a little ‘out of whack’ or off-kilter, and want to start exploring returning to a place of optimal wellbeing - and simply, feeling good! If this is you, know there doesn’t need to be a tangible ‘reason’ or health issue behind your desire to work together – in fact, it’s much better to begin when you’re simply feeling a little ‘outside your sweet spot’ than to wait until a more serious health issue sees you end up my office (although if that’s you, you’re welcome too!). Put simply, I’d love to help you find your way back to your sweet spot, wherever you’re at.


My philosophy is simple

Through my 18-year journey in wellness, I have come to believe that true wellbeing rests on the following nine tenets:


Is the voice in your head on your side, or are you your own worst enemy?


How hydrated are you, really?


How can you get the best sleep possible, allowing your body to recharge and rebuild?


How can the bright yellow ball heal and regulate our bodies?


Is it possible to master your mind?


Have you found a way to move your body in a way you love, daily?


Do you love labels - Paleo, Vegan, Raw, Pescitarian? Or, do you choose to listen to your body, buy local produce and eat more plants?


Do you vote with your dollar?  Can you eat your make-up?  Are you living a lifestyle full of toxins?


Who supports you? Do you feel like you have a sense of belonging?  As women, we need to connect, talk, share, come together


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Wellness consults

A one-on-one session with me can support you with everything from skin issues, digestive issues and gut health to anxiety, fertility challenges and more. Together we’ll draw on a number of modalities depending on your individual needs, including:

  • Naturopathy

  • Herbal supplements

  • Reiki

  • Hair analysis

  • BARS

  • Kitchen detox

Are you ready to have skin that glows, eyes that shine and a spring in your step?

After short notice, Janelle was able to help me with an “emergency” health issue to get my digestive system back on track, she also stayed in contact with me and continued to treat my condition from “abroad” and had me feeling super in no time. I benefited greatly from Janelle’s consultations as she strove to help me understand the problem and further my knowledge on my body and on basic “preventative maintenance” techniques, and avoidable nasties. I will continue to see Janelle as I have been feeling at my best since our appointments and am interested to find out any other “stuff” she can teach me.
— Glen


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